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Goulbourn Settlement

Goulbourn Settlement

20 Dec 1915
 Continually pressed by the Turks, The Nfld Reg't is
evacuated from Sulva Bay, Gallipoli.
23 Dec 1915
 As Christmas approaches, soldiers of the Canadian Corps
suffer through the cold wet winter in Flanders
25 Dec 1915
 The formation of the 3rd Canadian Division is
authorized under Maj.-Gen. M.S. Mercer.

Highlighting Native Nations:  War of 1812
A book by Zig Misiak   ISBN 978-0-9811880-5-8
"This book is dedicated to.... those Canadians who trace their
Ancestry back a few centuries and to all new Canadians who
have since made this country their home. To the Native
Nations who are the First People about whom this book is
mostly written. Though our roots are at different depths,
we share a common flower which is our future, our hope
and our legacy".

This book contains much info about the War of 1812
maps and info about the various battles during the war.
Of note; a list of 20 Polish soldiers of the de Watteville
Reg't who died at battle of Ft. Erie, Aug & Sept 1814.  Also,
The number of casualties by nationality at each battle,
involved, killed, wounded and captured, and
GPS coordinates for battles and places of interest.
ie. Niagara Falls  N43°4.48'  W 79°4.156'    page 112

This ends the entries for 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

30 November 2015

Surname W
Walsh, John #1  settled Con.2, Lot 3E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Walsh, John #2  settled Con. 3, Lot 11W  24 Oct 1821  
         99th Reg't  b. Durnomeen, Co. Momaghan
Walsh, Stafford  settled Con.1, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  . Cloonadar, Co. Leitrim
West, James  settled Con.9, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b.Barton Stoney, Hampshire, Eng.
Whealan, John  settled  Con. 6, Lot 22W  5 Jun 1822
         37th Reg't  b. ??
Whitbourne, Benjamin  settled Con.3, Lot 1E  5 Jun 1822
         37th Reg't  b. ??
Whitemarsh, Herbert settled Con. 5, Lots 24W & 25All  24 Oct 1821
         Commissary Dep't  b. ??
Wilson, Andrew  settled Con. 9, Lot 30 All
         Royal Navy, Commander  [Lived near Hogs Back Lock station]
Wilson, Hugh  settled Con. 5, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
Withers, John  settled Con. 9, Lot 19W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Middlesex, Eng

Surname Y
Yorke, John  settled Con. 6, Lot 11E  5 June 1822
         37th Reg't  b  ??

Surname X and Z  nil each

This completes the list of 181 soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Twp
Starting in Jan 2016 will list the civilian  who settled there. This will
take until the end of 2017 or ??
Note. The actual settlement did not start til the fall of 1818
Also most of the soldiers left the area early and I will attempt to
learn where they went  Keep an eye open for June 2018

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

21 November 2015

Surname T

Tarman, John  Con. 8, Lot 16E  1 Aug 1822
            37th Reg't
Tarman, Joseph  Con 7, Lot 15E  1 Aug 1822
            37th Reg't  Sgt.
Thompson, William  Con. 8, Lot 27W  5 Jun 1822
           37th Reg't
Tighe, Richard  Con. 7, Lot 3E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't b. Co. Cavan
Timmins, Patrick  Con. 1, Lot 4W  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Co. Fermanagh
Tully, Patrick  Con. 3, Lot 8W  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Kiln, Co Cavan

Surname U


Surname V

Vaughan, William  Con. 3, Lot 15W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Dublin, Dublin

3 Dec 1915
  General Joffre appointed Commander-in-Chief
of the French Armies.
8 Dec 1915
  Lt. Col John McCrae's poem 'In Flanders Fields'
is published in Punch magazine

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

12 November 2015

Surname S
Sackley, Stephen  Con. 3, Lot 6E  5 Jun 1822
            37th Reg't  no data known
Schewitzer, Charles  Con. 7&9, Lot 6W  5 Jun 1822
            60th Reg't  b. Waldeck, Germany
                    Surname spelling varies??
Shannon, James  Con. 8, Lot 13W  24 Oct 1821
            99th Reg't  b. Londonderry
Shea, William  Con. 3, Lot 13E  5 Oct 1828
            99th Reg't  Sgt. b. Killarney, Londonderry
                    Family info Ref; G-659 old # system
                    Ottawa Br Lib, Ottawa City Archives
Sheridan, James  Con. Lot 18E  5 Jun 1822
           99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan
Simpson, Joseph  Con. 9, Lot 29All  24 Oct 1821
           104th Reg't  Ensign
Simpson, Thomas  Con. 2, Lot 9W
          99th Reg't. Sgt.
Smith, James  Con. 6, Lot 14E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
Smith, Michael  Con. 1, Lot 3W  5 Jun 1822
          37th Reg't
Spearman, Andrew  Con. 6, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  Sgt. b. Sligo, Co. Sligo
Stanzel, Joseph  Con. 9, Lot 3E  5 Jun 1822
          60th Reg't  b. TBD
Sullivan, Patrick  Con. 7, Lot 4E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan
Sykes, John  Con. 8, Lot 2W  4 Feb 1824
          99th Reg't  b Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.

16,17 Nov. 1918
 A large scale nighttime trench raid by Canadian
troops serves as an example of how future raids
should be conducted.

 Estimate two more entries [about 22 Nov and
2 Dec to complete soldier entries]

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

1 Nov 2015

16/17 November 1915
 A large-scale nighttime trench raid by Canadian troops
serves as an example of how future raids should be

Goulbourn Settlement
Surname R.

Rath, Thomas  Con. 1, Lot 1E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't. b. Kilmallock, Co. Wexford.
Reed, Thomas  Con. 8, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't.  b. Co. Monaghan
Reily, Patrick  Con. 8, Lot 6W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Co. Fermannagh
Rettig, Peter  Con. P, Lot 3W, 4W  5 Jun 1822
        60th Reg't  b. Bonn, Nassau [Germany]
Reynolds, Michael  Con. 1, Lot 4E  5 Jun 1822
        99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Rickey, George  Con. 8, Lot 3W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Co. Cavan
Ryan, Edward  Con. 8, Lot 18W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Dublin

If anyone is keeping count total so far is 150 Soldiers
and by my count 31 to go. Hope to end the
soldier settlers b4 Xmas. 2 years to enter civilians
End of 2017. Actual settlement start fall of 1818

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

15 October 2015

Surname N
Nash, Martin  Con. 12, Lot 25E  5 Jun 1822
  37th Reg't
Nesbitt, William  Con. 7, Lot 21E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Enniskane, Co. Monaghan
Nichols, Abraham  Con. 8, Lot 17W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Cornwall
Nutterville, Thomas  Con. 5?[4], Lot 8W 24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Co. Kildare

Surname O
O'Brian, John  Con. 2, Lot 2E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Dublin
O'Connor, Daniel  Con. 5, Lot 5W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Queens
O'Hara, John  Con. 2, Lot 8E  1 Dec 1821
  99th Reg't b. Co. Kildare
O'Hara, Michael  Con. 9, Lot 27E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Co. Fermanagh
Ormsby, Sewel  Con.2, Lot 23S  24 Oct 1821
  6th Reg't Lieut. b. unknown this time?

Surname P
Pack, Samuel  Con. 12, Lot 23W  5 Jun 1822
  37th Reg't b. Hurstly, Hampshire, Eng.
Patterson, William  Con. 8, Lot 3E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Monea, Co. Fermanagh
Pender, William  Con. 2, Lot 1E
  99th Reg't b. Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow
Phillips, John  Con. 8, Lot 17E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't b. Devonshire, Eng
Pierce, John  Con. 8, Lot 19W  2 Apr 1828
  99th Reg't b. ?

Surname Q
Quinn, Patrick  Con. 4, Lot 7E  16 Sept 1829
      No data available at this time??

War of 1812
16 Sept 1815
  Napoleon arrives at St Helena where he will
    spend the rest of his life.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

3 October 2015
Surname M [3 of 3]

Morgan, Francis settled Con. 4, Lot 3E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Co. Monaghan
Morris, Edward settled Con. 3, Lot 18E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Co Derry
Morris, John settled Con. 8, lot 19E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. ??
Morrow, Foster settled Con. 1, Lot 3E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Co. Cavan
Mulholland, James settled Con. 9, Lot 19E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Co. Derry
Mullen, Jervis settled Con. 9, Lot 12W 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Co. Tyrone
Murphy, John settled Con. 10, Lot 19W 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't. b. Dublin
  REF; G659 pg 77
John Murphy b. 1784 - d. 1849 Perth, Ont.
 m. Catherine Shea  b. 1815 d. 1892
Murphy, Patrick settled con. 4, Lot 12W 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co Derry
  REF; G659
Murry, John settled Con. 9, Lot 21E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co. Kildare
Murry, Thomas settled Con. 3, Lot 14W 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't.  Sgt. b. Kildare, Co. Kildare
Above listing quotes 99th Reg't. These soldiers
came to Canada and fought in War of 1812 as
members of the 100th Reg't
Surname N follows next

12 Oct 1915
British nurse Edith Cavell is executed by German
firing squad for helping Allied prisoners escape
occupied Brussels
27 October 1915
His Majesty the King visits Canadian Corps on
the Western Front

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

27 Sept 2015
Surname M [2 of 3]

McGinn, Peter  Con. 9, Lot 5W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co Fermanaugh,
1798 - d. 1866 Petersville, IA
m. Ann Shea b. 1805 - d. Petersville 1879
McGrath, Maurice  Con. 6, Lot 22E  5 Jun 1822
37th Reg't b. ?? Manorhamilton, Co Lietrim
McGregor, John  Con 8, Lolt16W  26 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co. Derry
McGuire, John  Con. 7, Lot 29W  1 Nov 1821
99th Reg't  b. Clones, Co. Fermanagh
[Note. surname also spelled Maguire]
McGuire, Thomas  Con. 9, Lot 27W 24 Oct 1821
99th  Reg't  b. co. Kildare
McKaye, Trevor  Con. 2, Lot 14W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Blaris, Co. Down
McKill, James  Con. 8, Lot 24W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Cavan
McLaughlin, Hugh  Con. 4, Lot 15W   date ??
99th Reg't  b. Rye, Co Donegal
McMaster, Peter  Con. 9, Lot 12E  1 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Derry
McQuaide, Michael  Con 4, Lot 7E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
McRorie  James  Con 9 Lot 1E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Tyrone
Medley, Richard  Con. 4, Lot27W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. King's, Ire.

As one may have noticed I use the 99th Reg't in referring
to the soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Twp. starting in
the fall of 1818. For an explanation refer to Barry Roberts
book 'For King and Canada' page 171. "At the beginning
of 1816.....   [100th renumbered the 99th]

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers 100th/99th Regiment

20 Sept 2015

23 Sept 1915
  The Canadian Corps now boasts 1,354 Officers and
36,522 men.
25 Sept 1915
  Allies launch autumn offensive.

Goulbourn Settlement [surnames M, 1 of 3]
Malone, James  Con. 10, Lot 25E  24 Apr 1822
  99th Reg't b. Co. Monaghan
Maxwell, Joseph  Con. 4, lot 26All 24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. ?
McAllier James  Con. 6, Lot 22E  24 Oct 1822
  99th Reg't b. Ballynamore, Co. Cavan
McCabe Thomas  Con. 6, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Co. Mayo
McCalla Robert  Con. 3, Lot 5W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Co. Down
McCarthy John  Con. 4, Lot 12E  24 Oct 1821
  103rd Reg't  Sgt.
McCaslin Alexander  Con. 10, Lot 24 E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Dromore, Co. Tyrone
McDonald, Henry  Con. 9, Lot 28W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
McEvoy James  Con. 5, lot 5E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Co. Kildare
McFadden William  Con. 8, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Farman, Co. Tyrone
McGarry James  Con. 8, lot 20W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Shankill, Co. Armagh
Continued next weekend!

RE 100th/99th Regiments.
The 100th was raised in Ireland in 1804 and sailed to
Canada in 1805. Fought in the war of 1812. Was renumbered
the 99th on 6th Feb 1816. REF. Barry Roberts 'For King and
Canada' page 171[the 95th was withdrawn from the
Reg'ts of the line and formed the Rifle Brigade. All higher
numbered regiments dropped down a number,
ie, the 100th to the 99th etc.]

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

16 Sept 2015

   Nil this post

Goulbourn Settlers Letter 'L'
Lackey, William  Con 8, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co Derry
Larkin, Martin  Con 8, Lot 4E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Ballinakill, Ire
LaCharity, Francois  Con. 6, Lot 24E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't   b. Three Rivers, Que
Lee, John Tracy  Con. 4, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Lennon, James  Con. 1, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Craigen, Ire
Lewis, John  Con. 9, Lot 23W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't
Loughrea, Daniel  Con. 3, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Lyon, George  Con. 2, lot 20  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  Lieut  Co. b. Monaghan

In this blog I use the 99th Reg't for most soldiers,
as the 100th was re-numbered the 99th in Feb 1816.
Most locals use the 100th entirely.  FYI

Also for Surname M there are 33 surnames so I will
post 11 names each week for 3 weeks

Monday, September 14, 2015

Goulbourn Twp. Survey 1817

15 September 2015
Continued from 4 Sept. This entry concludes this story.
  "Faced with a considerable amount of administration and
accounts, John Ryder engaged a clerk to help him with his
work. It kept them both busy until after Christmas, on which
day they took off awhile to attend church services.
  On the 26th of December, things did not go right and he
writes; 'Being the day after Christmas, getting the men to
sign the pay lists, through their awkwardness blotted the
pay lists and when I took them to the superintendent, he
said he could not receive them, as they were blotted and
would not pass them to the Surveyor- Generals office. Was
obliged to return to my office and was obliged to start afresh'
  December 28 - 'The Sabbath did not apply, proceeded on
writing'. Unfortunately, John Ryder, still so busy, that on this
Sunday, he did not even have time to go to church.
  It is nearly 170 years later [today, 198 years] now. The face
of Goulbourn has undoubtedly changed beyond the wildest
dreams of Mr. Ryder and his men. He could probably no more
imagine what this township would eventually look like than we
can comprehend the size and look of the wilderness of that time.
  And as we zoom, for instance, along the old No 15 highway on
the 9th concession line between Ashton and Stanley's Corners,
wouldn't it be nice to just reflect for a moment on those early
surveyors who, so many years ago, struggled, chopped, measured
and suffered along that same line to lay out the boundaries of what
we now call our Goulbourn township.."
 There is a map attached with this story. I will verbally describe it
as don't seem to be able to copy it here. It is of Lots 6 thru 10 of
Concession 8, about 2-4 miles east of Ashton. The lots are 4402 ft
to Con. 9 and a 100 Acre lot is 990 ft wide. Roadways are 66 ft
wide or 1 chain. There is a cross road, west of lot 6 and east of
lot 10. It is normal to have a cross road every 5 lots [200A]. The
type of wood to designate the corner of each lot is mentioned,
mostly Cedar, and 1 each Hemlock, Ironwood and Balsam.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Goulbourn Twp Survey 1817

4 Sept 2014
  I have to adjust my schedule due to a large number of
personnel in letter, M=33, Will follow letter L which will
follow the next and last post of Goulbourn Survey.
  " The whole area of what was to become Goulbourn twp.
as we know it, was a dense forest at the time, and it can be
readily understood that these survey's were not accomplished
without great difficulty and hardship.
  The surveyors nevertheless finished the ninth line, the tenth
and even all of the eleventh. (The 12th is never mentioned ???)
  During that fall, Mr. Ryder had to return to Perth frequently
for more rations, and, as one can imagine, these trips were no
Sunday drive in the country.
  Take the 16th of November, for instance; here he writes in
his diary the following; - 'Sent my party from Perth to the
Mississippi River with a load of rations and to return next day
for a second load, in order to take the whole down the river
with a raft to the grand falls, from whence I can distribute
them through the rear of said township, which? case the land
road being so very bad and swampy that it is almost impossible
to get rations out that way to any purpose. The distance so far
and so wholly through the wilderness, a man would almost
consume his whole load in going forward and backward-'.
  On the 3rd of November, they battled a severe storm, which
brought them eight inches of snow and confined them to camp
for more than two days, as surveying had been made completely
impossible during that time.
  Then, having run the 11th concession line backwards to lot one,
Ryder's men pounded the last stake of their assignment at the
intersection of the town line and concession 11 (near the former
Ashton [Railway] station on December 8th. Next day they broke
camp and headed for Perth, which they reached on December 10th,
at approximately nine o'clock in the evening"
  Con't next week 11/12 Sept.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

1 Sept 2015
  The following entries from LEGION Magazine
Sept./Oct 2015  page 6 &7
War of 1812 Era
10 Sept. 1813
  U.S. Captain Oliver Perry defeats six British
warships at the Battle of Lake Erie
13 Sept 1814
  Fort McHenry does not fall, despite British Naval
bombardment; the battle inspires the U.S.
national anthem.
27 Sept. 1806
  Isaac Brock is appointed to command British
forces in Upper Canada
13 Sept. 1915
  After 2nd Canadian Division is raised, a Canadian
Army Corps with two divisions is formed under
Lt.- General E.A.H. Alderson
19-20 Sept 1915
  The Newfoundland Regiment lands at Sulva Bay,
on the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Goulbourn Twp Survey 1817

29 Aug 2015
  continued from entry 23 Aug 2015
  "When they arrived again at Goulbourn to continue their survey,
one whole week had passed, and John Ryder decided to start on
the seventh line rather than travel another day to continue at the
place where they had stopped the week before.
  Battling swamps, mosquitoes, heat, discontent and even hunger,
the men finally finished the seventy line. By then, their supplies
had dwindled to nothing, and they were obliged to travel to Perth
once again for rations. On the way back to Goulbourn several
days later, a severe storm surprised them on the 26th of October.
  John Ryder notes in his diary:
Oct. 26, The Sabbath. A stormy day of rain, hail and snow...
Oct. 27, We could not proceed, the storm continuing too
desperate; went about two miles; my bread and flour were very
much injured, that I was obliged to stop or lose the whole on
account of my provisions being wet...
Oct. 28, Cleared off and proceeded to N.W. Angle of the 8th
concession of Goulbourn township...
  When they arrived there, they found that a fellow surveyor by
the name of  Benjamin Ecuyer, meanwhile, had surveyed and
laid out in lots the entire eighth line.
  On the 29th of October, they reached the ninth line, planted a
wooden post at the place where the general store at Ashton now
stands, and again proceeded on a course of North 54 degrees East,
planting posts every 990 feet and making allowance for a 66 foot
roadway every five lots. (See sketch)" Will be added when I learn
how to do it. Next entry 5/6 Sept.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Goulbourn Township Survey 1817

23 Aug 2015
Continued from 9 Aug 2015
 "As this system was one of the many variances of the then
common single front systems, it later became known as a
single front special. In this particular system, each lot was
66.7 chains deep and 30 chains wide and contained 200
acres. [1chain = 66 feet].
 Since land to the military was granted according to rank,
a Major for instance, received 1,000 Acres, while a Private
had to be satisfied with 100 Acres and a further
subdivision of the 200 Acre lot was necessary. For this
reason, additional posts were planted along the concession
lines at the middle of each lot, thus creating the common
land description: The East half of lot..... or the West half
of lot..... Yet another division of the 200 Acre lot was
created by drawing an imaginary line through the middle
of the lot parallel to the concession lines, which resulted
in the Front Half [southerly part] and the Rear Half
[northerly part]. The half lot nearest the boundary, which
was measured and on which the wooden posts were
planted, the surveyor called the front half.
  Meanwhile, John Ryder and his men chopped and
measured their way along the town line to the fifth
concession, a distance of nearly four miles. Here they
turned a 90 degree angle eastward and started the survey
of the fifth concession line, reaching the intersection with
Nepean Township on the 8th day of August.
  Returning to the town line on the boundary between
Beckwith and Goulbourn, he measured to the sixth
concession, again turned a right angle and proceeded
eastward on a bearing of North 54 degrees East along
the sixth concession as far as lot 16. By this time, they
had completely run out of food and were obliged to return
to Perth for rations."
  {To be continued on 30 Aug 2015]

Concession VIII Goulb Twp

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

15 Aug 2015

20 Aug 1915
Newfoundland Reg't embarks from Aldershot, England, for the
Eastern Mediterranean, destined to fight the Turks at Gallipoli.
  There is an article in the Ottawa Citizen dated Sat. 8 Aug. 2015
page C3 re the Gallipoli Campaign " In 1915, the Allies planned a
British led expedition to seize the Gallipoli Peninsula.........
Instead, Gallipoli became a disastrous setback for the Allies"
13 March 1915. Field Marshal Lord Kitchener gives order to invade.

22 Nov. 1915 Kitchener visits the battlefield and agrees to evacuate.
2-9 Jan. 1916 Final evacuation of Cape Helles..

Early Settlers Goulbourn
Surname J
Jones, James  Con. 6, Lot 8W  24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't  b. Co. Kildare
Jones, Thomas  Con. 8, Lot 28E  2 Apr 1828
                      99th Reg't  b. Devenish, Co. Fermanagh
Joynt, Galbraith J.  Con. 5, Lots 26,27W  24 Oct 1821
                     103rd Reg't, Captain
Junkin,Dean  Con. 5, Lot 10E  24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't  b. Abbeyville, Co Fermanagh

Surname K
Kean. William  Con. 2, Lot 9E  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't b. Co. Carlow
Keilty, John  Con. 2, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Kerrison, Simon  Con. 6, Lot 17E  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Norfolk, Eng.
Kitt, Charles  Con. 9, Lot 18E   24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Dublin

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goulbourn Twp Survey 1817

9 Aug 2015
Continued from 2 Aug 2015 entry.
"Meanwhile, the Surveyor-General in York, Upper Canada,
Thomas Ridout, lost no time and issued survey instructions
to Deputy Surveyor Reuben Sherwood on 24 Feb. 1816.
  Mr. Sherwood, assisted by surveyors Greaves and
McDonnell, commenced with the survey of No. 1 twp
(i.e. Bathurst) and produced the northerly boundry
eastward on a bearing of North 54 degrees East to its
intersection with Nepean Twp, which had already been
surveyed 20 years before.
  Another letter from the Surveyor- General, dated
26 June 1817 confirmed the instructions but now included
the names of five additional surveyors, ie. John Booth,
William Fraser, Duncan McDonnell, John Ryder and
William Conger.
  Upon receipt of the letter, John Ryder, a young deputy
surveyor from the township of Pittsburg, immediately
engaged ten men, including his younger brother Cornelius
and proceeded to Perth for more detailed instructions from
superintendent George Fowler. His assignment was to be
the survey of parts of No. 4 township, which meanwhile,
had been names after the British secretary for the Colonies,
Henry Goulbourn.
  After a short trip to Elmsley Twp., where new settlers had
problems finding the lot posts, Mr. Ryder and his men set
out for Goulbourn. After a long and exhausting trip, they
reached the southwest corner of the new township, on the
town line approximately two miles south of Prospect,
in the late afternoon of 28 July 1817.
  The following day, they began the survey by running
the boundary between Beckwith and Goulbourn on a
bearing of North 36 degrees West planting large wooden
posts at intervals 67.7 chains (4468 feet). This distance
consisted of the depth of each lot at 66.7 chains plus one
chain allowance for the road. (See sketch, to be added later)"

Next entry will be in two weeks.  Next week will be
letters J and K of Goulbourn Military Settlers.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Goulbourn Twp. Survey 1817

2 Aug 2015
This article appeared in Stittsville News 25 Jan. 1984, pg 14.
Author is G.J. Zeldenrust, S.L.S., C.L.S.,
Goulbourn Historical Society
Data entered by myself will be in [XXX]
Will appear weekly until completed as it is on a
page 11" x 17". There is a drawing to explain the survey,
it is of Lots 6 thru 10, Con VIII, Goulbourn Twp.

"It was the autumn of 1815. Napoleon had been defeated at
Waterloo [18 June 1815], and the War of 1812 had been
concluded with the Treaty of Ghent [24 Dec. 1814] and
Great Britain found itself suddenly overrun with
thousands of discharged soldiers looking for a job.
  However, notwithstanding the apparent peace in His
Majesty's Colonies, the British government soon
recognized that no peaceful settlement of Upper Canada
was possible without a strong defense policy against any
possible future hostilities from the young new republic
along its southern borders.
  With this in mind, it was decided that additional land be
purchased from the Indians, and a second row of townships
be surveyed north of the already established townships of
Burgess, Elmsley, Montague and Marlboro. These were
then to be settled by discharged soldiers from His
Majesty's armed forces and by other citizens loyal to
the Crown.
  The new townships, which were later to become
Bathurst, Drummond, Beckwith and Goulbourn,
had not yet been named at that time and were simply
numbered townships No. 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.
  Land purchase negotiations between Captain John
Ferguson, who was the  Agent for Indian Affairs at
Kingston, and the Chiefs of the Indian Nations of
Chippawa and Mississauga, who owned all lands
north of the Rideau, were begun in February 1816.
The total area under negotiation totalled nearly
three million acres, [2,748,000Acres], which of course,
included much more than the above-named four
townships. The so-called surrender was concluded
with the Second Indian Treaty of 1819. [Ref:
Carleton Saga, pages 7-8] (The first one being
the Crawford Purchase of 1783) [Carleton Saga
pages 2-4, map page 3.]"
To be Continued next week

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

15 July 2013
Settlers surname H and I
Hagarty, Thomas settled Con. 3, Lot 8E  24 Oct 1821
                99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Hamrock, Henry settled Con. 9, Lot 4E  5 June 1822
                60th Reg't
Harkins John Jr. settled Con. 5, Lot 7E 24 Oct. 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Maghera, Co. Londonderry
Harkins John Sr. settled Con. 5, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Harrison, David  settled Con. 1, Lot 23E  24 Oct 1821
              Royal Wagon Train, b. Bedford, Yorkshire Co. Eng.
Hayes, Henry  settled Con. 4, Lot 14W  24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't   b. Co. Tipperary
Hayes, Hiram  settled Con. 4, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't
Hicks, John  settled Con. 7, lot 16E  7 Apr 1824
             37th Reg't
Hill, Andrew settles Con. 1, Lot 22W  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't Sgt. b. Killishee Co. Fermanagh
Hughes, Simon  settled Con. 8, Lot 22W  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't  Pte.  b. Co. Meath
Hughes, William settled Con. 8, lot 24E  24 Oct 1821
            99th Reg't Pte. b. Fynan, Co, Armagh

Surname.  I

From flyer Legion Magazine Diary
'Canada and the Great War- The Battles'.
14 July 1915
'First aircraft built on a Canadian production line
   has its maiden flight in Toronto'
I should know this having served about 30 yrs in the
RCAF but I don't. But I do know the A/C it is not??
A real life copy of this A/C is probably in the museum
at old RCAF Stn Rockcliffe. [Aviation Museum]

I will in a short time copy an article from a Richmond
Newspaper dealing with the surveying of Goulbourn Twp.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

3 July 2015
This is year 148 of the Settlement of Ottawa

Year 2016
Bi-centennial of settlement of Perth Military Settlement
The 1st of the 3 Rideau Military Settlements.

Also referred to as the Year with NO summer.
A volcano erupted in South east Asia.

Year 2017
1st July - Confederation 150 years ago.

Year 2018
Bi - Centennial Richmond Military Settlement.
Settlement started in the fall
Proposed celebration 15-17 June 2018

Also, someone had a birthday last month. Turned 79. Ouch

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

18 June 2015
To-day is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo
in which Napoleon was defeated by Wellington.
Next are some of the future events of Napoleon's life;
22 June 1815  Napoleon abdicated.
16 Oct 1815  Napoleon arrives at St Helena
5 May 1821  Napoleon dies.
15 Dec 1840 Napoleon's remains are returned to France
                      and re-interred at Les Invalides
Refer to;

Following the war of 1812 in present day Ontario
Settlement begins in the Rideau Military Settlements
1. Perth Military Settlement 1815/1816
     There is a book by Ron W. Shaw entitled 'First We Were
      Soldiers: The long march to Perth' and also available as
       a download to an e-reader
      Ref: LCGS newsletter dated April 2015, page 8&9
2. Richmond Military Settlement  Fall of 1818
    A committee has been raised in Goulbourn Twp to organize
     a 200th Anniversary. Tentative date is 15-17 June 2018.
     Stay tuned. 
3. Lanark Military Settlement 1820
    No info available

Monday, June 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers

15 June 2015
War of 1812
15 Jun 1815 Napoleon and Armee de Nord enter Belgium
16 Jun 1815 Napoleon defeats blucher at Ligny
16-17 Jun 1815 Wellington delays Ney at Quatre Bas
18 Jun 1815 Wellington & Blucher defeat Napoleon at
22 Jun 1815 Napoleon abdicates  [would be sent to St Helena
                     where he died 5 May 1821 at the age of 51]

Goulbourn Settlers
Letter G
Gales, Robert settled Con.6, Lot 4E, 24 Oct 1821
                       born Co. Leitrum, Sergt.
Gibson, John settled Con. 7, Lot 14W, 24 Oct 1821
                      Born Yougal, Co Cork Musican, Pte
Gibson, Robert settled Con. 3,  Lot12E  24 Oct 1821
                     born Co Derry Pte
Gormley, Hugh settled Con. 3, Lot 14E   TBD
                 Donegal Militia. Sgt  14 Feb 1818
Green, James settled Con. 6, Lot 11W  24 Oct 1821
                born Quebec 1795
Green, Robert settled Con. 3, Lot 13W  24 Oct 1821
                born Montreal 1793
Green, Thomas settled Con. 3, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
                 born Quebec 1797
Guile, Thomas settled Con. 12, Lot 23E  5 Jun 1822
                 37th Reg't Pte
18 May 1915 Canadians launch initial attacks  at
                       Festubert, Fr.
15 Jun 1915 1st Canadian Brigade supports attack by
                    British 7th Div. and 51st Highland  Div.
                    near Givenchy, Fr. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers

2 June 2015

18 May 1915. Canadians launch initial attacks on Festubert, Fr
25 May 1915. 2nd Can. Div. is founded in Canada under
                        Maj/Gen Sam Steele
31 May 1915. After leaving the trenches of Festubert, the
                       Canadians assigned to Givenchy sector
Apr- May 1915. 2nd Battle of Ypres. Poison Gas is used
                        against the Allies. Death toll rises.

War of 1812
First Rideau Military settlement begins at Perth during 1815

Battle of Waterloo Sunday 18 June 1815

Friday, May 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers 100th Reg't

15 May 2015
7 May 1915
RMS Lusitania is torpedoed south of Ireland and
approximately 1195 passengers are killed.
25May 1915
Second Canadian Division is formed and embarks
for France in Sept and joins the 1st Canadian Division
forming the Canadian Corps. [more to be added 1 Jun]

War of 1812
Napoleon 1769-1821 in France at the middle of the
Hundred Days 20 March to 8 July 1815.
Preparing to meet his Waterloo??

Goulbourn Settlers
Surname E
Eady, Robert settled Con. 7, Lot 13W 5 June 1822
          37th Reg't
Ellison, John settled Con. 4, Lot 6W 30 Apr 1824
          104th Reg't
Eynouf, Stephen  dc 1828 School teacher and his widow
              Ann Eynouf marr. my gggrandfather
              Joseph Stanzel
Surname F
Fallahee, John settled Con.1, Lot 6W 21 Oct 1821
                99th Reg't
Fallon, James settled Perth St. Lot 18 27 Jan 1834?
             99th Reg't  Quarter Master
             b. Roscommon, Ire
Fenner, Benjamin settled Con. 6, Lot 6E 5 Jun 1822
             68th Reg't
Ferris,  James settled Con.10, lot 13 W 24 Oct 1821
             Royal Sappers and Miners
Ferry, William settled Con. 8, Lot 4W 24 Apr 1822
            Royal Artillery Driver
Fleming, George settled Con. 4, Lot 15E 24 Oct 1821
           99th Reg't
           b. Co. Antrim
Forsyth, Adam settled Con.7, Lot 5E 24 Oct 1821
           99th Reg't Sgt.
Foye, Roger settled Con. 10, lot 24W 24 Oct 1821
Fraser, Hugh settled Con. 8, Lot 30 ?
             Royal Marine Artillery? Sgt
Note;   In Feb 1816 the 100th Reg.t was renumbered
            the 99th Reg't due to the fact that the 95th Reg't
            was removed from the Reg'ts of the line and
           formed the Rifle Brigade with the 5th Battalion
           of the 60th Reg't [The Reg'ts above the 95th
           dropped down one number]. This fact is not
           adopted locally as they were all disbanded
           in a few years

Friday, May 1, 2015

War of 1812 and WW1

1 May 2015
7 May 1915 Ship Lusitania is sunk by a German U-boat south
                    of Ireland with a loss of 1195 persons.
8 May 1915 Germans attempt a breakthrough on Ypres Salient.
                     Canadian PPCLI help to break attack.
                      Germans use gas previous to their attack

War of 1812
31 March 1815 Murat declares war on Austria
3 May 1815 Austrians defeat Murat

15 May 2015 Settlers who went to Richmond Military Settlement
                     in fall of 1818  with  Surnames E and F will be listed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers 100th Reg't Surname 'D'

15 April 2015

With this post I will add surnames on 15th of the month and other data dealing with the War of 1812 and WW1  on the 1st of the month or

Dempsey, Sylvester settled Con. 1, Lot 25 W 24 Oct. 1821
                  99th Reg't, Sgt. Major. b. Co. Queens, Ire.
Dennison, John settled unknown see below
                  99th Reg't Pte. b Co. Wexford
                  ( Info states he froze to death while travelling home
                     during the first winter at Richmond)
Denver, Patrick settled Con. 8, Lot 6E 4 Feb 1824
                  99th Reg't  Pte. b. Co Down
Devaney, Patrick settled Con. 6, Lot 15E 5 Jun 1822
                  37th Reg't Pte.  b. ?
Devon, James settled Con. 4, Lot 16W 24 Oct 1821
                   99th Reg't Pte b. Co. Tyrone
Donahoo, Martin settled Con. 4, lot 13W 26 Mar 1824
                    Royal Artillery Driver  b. ?
Douras, James settled Con. 4, Lot 11W 24 Oct 1821
                   99th Reg't Pte b. co. Down
Dunbar, John settled Con. 7, Lot 4W
                    99th Reg't Sgt b. Co. Down 1782
Dunlop, James settled Con. 10, lot 12E 24 Oct 1821
                    Royal Sappers and Miners, b. ?
Dwyer, John settled Con. 3, Lot 6W 24 Oct 1821
                    99th Reg't b. Co. Carlow

Next month 15 May 2015 will enter surnames E and F

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

War of 1812

15 March 2015
War of 1812
Above website lists Napoleon's lifetime activities
in 186 entries,. Interest here starts about #151
26 Feb 1815 Napoleon leaves Elba
1 Mar 1815 Napoleon lands near Antibes, France
20 Mar 1815 Napoleon arrived in Paris

Goulbourn Settlers, 100th Reg't  Letter 'C'

Caffery, John Settled Con 8, Lot 14W  2 Apr 1828
               99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan  1787
Campbell, Patrick Settled Con 9, Lot 18W31 May 1828
               99th Reg't  b. Co Leitrim 1872
Cardell, Patrick Settled Con. 10 Lot 18E 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co. Kildare 1787
Cassidy, Michael Settled Con.2, Lot 13E 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. Co Derry 1784
Cavanagh, Peter Settled Con.6, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Co.  Meath 1786
Chapman, John Settled Con. 4, Lot 3W 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. ?? 1797  Drummer
Chapman, Richard Settled Con. 3, Lot 10W 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. Co Cork 1773
Clarke, Thomas Settled Con 2, Lot 2W 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co. Armagh 1791
Clohecy, Robert Settled Con. 10 Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
              Royal Sappers & Miners b. ??
Clooney, John Settled Con. 8, Lot 1E 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Dublin  Drummer
Coffee, John Settled Con. 9, Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co Fermanagh 1787
Cole, Ezekial Settled Con. 11 Lot 23E 5 Jun 1821
              37th Reg't b, ??
Collins, William Settled Con. 11 Lot 30W 3 Oct 1826
              85th Reg't b. ??
Collis, Christopher Settled Con.2, Lot 24S 24 Oct 1821
              6th Reg't  b. ?? Assistant Surgeon
Cook, William Settled Con. 4, Lot 6E 5 Jun 1822
              37th Reg't b. ??
Cosgrove, Edward Settled Con. 2, Lot 4W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co. Armagh 1789
Cox, Thomas Settled Con. 3, Lot 5E 2 May 1828
             99th Reg't b. Co Fermanagh 1785, Sgt.
Coyle, Michael Settled Con. 8, Lot 20E 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Dublin Sgt.
Crozier, John Settled Con. 7, Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co. Tyrone 1787
Cullen, John Settled con. 6, lot 13W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co Derry 1793

3 March 1915
    1st Canadian Division is responsible for a 6 Km
     sector of the front at Fleurbaix France.
10 March 1915
    In support of a British and Indian offensive at
    Neuve Chapelle, France, Canadians
    participate in their first battle
Ref; "Canada and the Great War The Battles"
          A Legion Magazine

War of 1812 and WW1

War of 1812
1 Apr 2015
  There is not much activity re War of 1812 and most of future posts will deal with soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Twp. Most will be from the
100th/99th Reg't but a few will be from other Reg'ts.
Check back on or about the 15th  of Apr for 10 settlers, Surname 'D'

1 Apr 1915
1st Canadian Division is ordered north to join the
5th British Corps in defending the Ypres Salient
17 Apr 1915
The above, 18K strong, enters the Ypres Salient
which is in Belgium

Monday, February 23, 2015

War of 1812

23 Feb 1815
Booklet - Col. Christopher Myers  1774 - 1817
This booklet has been published by Archives Lanark
  by Michael J. Jaques  ISBN 978-0-9811929-6-3
Available P.O. Box 512, Perth, ON. K7H 3K4    $10.00 + postage
"In 2008, volunteers at Archives Lanark discovered that  the
block containing the historic courthouse in the town of Perth
was once known as Mount Myers. Was named after
Col. Christopher Myers, Deputy Quarter-Master-General
for the Canada's.
This book is the result of subsequent research and covers
the life and immediate family of Col. Chris. Myers and after
his death, events within his family"

26 Feb 1815
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba for Paris

18 Feb, 1915
German U-boat blockade of Britain begins
19 Feb 1915
Allies commence naval attack on the Dardanelles
20 Feb 1915
Australian and NZ troops ordered to the Dardanelles

26 Feb.1915
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers, 100th Regiment

15 Feb 2015
Settlers with Surname B

Barry, Jonas  Settled Con. 10 Lot 14 W, 24 Oct 1822
                        Royal Sappers and Miners.
Barr, David   Settled Con. 4, Lot 14 E, 22 Apr 1822
                       99th Reg't  Born Co. Derry c.1794
Barton, John  Settled Con. 8, Lot 15 E, 5 Jun 1822
                        37th Reg't
Beaman, James  Settled Con. 2, Lot 2 E, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't.  Born Co. Down c. 1799
Boyle, Charles  Settled Con. 1, Lot 5 W, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't
Boyle, Robert  Settled Con. 3, Lot 15 E, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't  Born Co. Down c 1789
Bradley, Edward Sands  Settled Con. 4, Lot 24 N 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't Ensign [note he died shortly after settling]
Brady, John  Settled Con. 5, Lot 10 W 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg,t Born Co. Cavan c 1784
Brady, Michael Settled Con. 6, Lot 14 W, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't
Brown, Thomas Settled Con. 5, Lot 4 E, 24 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't Born Co. Derry c 1796
Brownlee, Joseph Settled Con. 7, Lot 18 W 21 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't Born Co. Cavan, c1798
Brownlee, Nathaniel Settled Con. 7, Lot 17 E, 21 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't. Sgt
Bruce, John Settled Con. 6, Lot 16 W, 5 Jun 1822
                       37th Reg't
Bulbeck, Henry Settled Con. 2, Lot 6 W, 5 Jun 1822
                        8th Reg't
Burns, Andrew  Settled Con. 2, Lot 13 W, 24 Oct. 1821
                       99th Reg,t Born Co. Tyrone c1796
Butler, James Settled Con. 5, Lot 6 E, 24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't. Born Co. Clare c 1792
Byers, Hugh Settled Con. 3, Lot 16 W, 24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't Born Co. Sligo c 1799
Byrns, Jeremiah Settled Con. 9, Lot 21 W 24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't Born Co. Wicklow c 1791
Above is a listing of settlers from the military who settled in Goulbourn
starting in the fall of 1818. Some/a lot of them left early on. Those who stayed will be listed starting in early 2017

Monday, February 9, 2015


7 Feb 1915
1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades of 1st Division prepare to depart
from England for France

9-11 Feb 1915
1st Canadian Div. crosses from England to France. Bad weather
makes for a long and nasty crossing. The 4th Brigade remains
in England as a training reinforcement unit.

War of 1812
Maj. General John Lambert, now British Army Commander, landed troops on Dauphin Island and prepares to lay siege to Ft. Bower, which guards the entrance to Mobile, Alabama. On St. Valentines day, 14 Feb 1815, a British
ship arrives with news of the signing of the peace treaty. [Ghent]. It still
has the be ratified by the Americans [Ref. 'And All Their Glory Past' by
Donald E. Graves  page 323/24]
In the above book, to pg 331, Col Murray and the Marquis of Tweeddale are mentioned, both who were with the 100th Regiment.
In late April 1815 it was learned that Napoleon had escaped from Elba and
returned to France and proclaimed himself emperor

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers, 100th Reg't

15 Jan 2015
I intend to post each month the soldiers with consecutive surnames
[ie, A-Jan 2015, B- Feb. 2015 etc. until the last, Z -Feb 2017]
we will see how this works as we go along. The settlement of
Goulbourn [Richmond Military Settlement] did not actually
start until the fall of 1818. I will list the soldiers first then at a later
date start with the civilians  but after the fall of 1818.
Data is from H-166 a file held by Goulbourn historical Society
at the Library in Stittsville and;
B5509 a microfilm reel at Library and Archives Canada.

Austin, Joseph. Pte
Attested 25 July 1814, age 18. born Dublin c1786
Lived Concession 6, Lot 9 West 1/2, 10 Oct 1856
1842 census, in Province since 1829
1851 census, Goulbourn, Joseph; Elizabeth, wife; Jane, dau.
1861 census, Goulbourn, Joseph.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

200th Anniv 11/01/15

Sir John A. Macdonald
1st Prime Minister of Canada - 1867-1873 & 1878-1891
b. 11 Jan. 1815    Glasgow, Scotland.
d. 6 June 1891  Ottawa, On
bur. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, On

A very detailed account of Sir John A.s life can be found
by searching  under his name.
He was married twice and had 3 children. Above web site
lists a number of books of interest

Thursday, January 8, 2015

War of 1812

8 Jan 1815

Battle of Orleans  200th Anniversary
Ref; And all their Glory Past  by Donald E. Graves
M/General Pakenham, who is a brother-in-law of Wellington,
attacked, with just under 7,000 troops, against Jackson who
had 4,400 well entrenched troops. Pakenham did everything
wrong and when the battle was over he and another General were killed
as well as 1939 officers and men on the British side.
Jackson lost 45 soldiers killed or wounded.

New commander of Br. Forces was M/Gen. Lambert

Signed copy of Treaty of Ghent arrived at New York on 11 Feb 1815

In early 1915 the PPCLI are in the line at St. Eloi, having left England
on 21 Dec 1914 and endured a 'rough' trip.

In WW1 Canada's population was about 8 Million persons