Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walking around Canada

Since leaving Ft. McPherson on 3rd of Sept I have been walking in slow gear. Reached the MacKenzie River crossing on 9 Oct. a distance of 56K's . From the river it is 120 K's to the Inuvik Airport where we find pavement. What a change but due to a peculiarity of the area we have permafrost. The road was like riding in a boat on slightly rough seas. Only 10K's to Inuvik, the end of the road. When I arrive at Inuvik on my virtual walk I have to determine my next leg of my walk but I will be virtually flying somewhere.
I have just received a strange dispatch. I have been informed that there is an order to the Quartermaster for two pairs of Boots. My informant would not disclose the source of these orders but I suspect that someone or sometwo are to start walking?? I wonder if it has to do with the date on the calender. 'Walking with Jim' may have company?