Thursday, April 24, 2014

War of 1812

24 April 2014

Walking with Joseph.
1814, Spring and Summer
Joseph is by now in Belfast area of Ireland.
Details are to be discovered as we move along.

Walking with Andrew.
6 May 1814 British under Henry Drummond burn Fort Oswego  on Lake Ontario.

Friday, April 11, 2014

War of 1812

9 April 2014
Walking with Joseph

In the last post Napoleon was sent to Elba until Jan 1815

Walking with Andrew.
There is not too much activity so I am adding info on a few battles during 1813

Strange Fatality by James Elliott
 - Battle of Stoney Creek  6 July 1813
   Ref; Outside Back cover of the book.
6,000 US Troops aboard 140 vessels stormed ashore near the mouth of the Niagara River and
captured Ft. George from the British. The badly mauled British Army reeled westward. The
fate of Upper Canada hung in the balance.
  Ten days later, in a field near the hamlet of Stoney Creek, the British attacked in a night action
bayonet charge that carried the American Artillery and decapitated the invading Army.
  Stoney Creek was one of the most decisive reversals of military fortune in the War of 1812

This book, as is common with the others, lists details of the battle in a number of Appendices.
  An example is; British order of  Battle and Strength.
   49th Reg't. 8 Companies, 424 men
     8th Reg't  5 Companies, 280 men
         Also mentioned are companies of Local Militia and Native allies
Casualties of both sides are also mentioned in Appendix G and H.

Field of Glory by Donald E. Graves
11 November 1813
 Ref; Outside Back Cover

  In the autumn of 1813, the United States staged the largest military operation of the War of 1812.
Two American armies, one marching north from Lake Champlain throush swamp and forest, the other sailing down the St. Lawrence in a flotilla of three hundred small boats, invaded Canada.
Their objective was the city of Montreal.
This book is the story of this massive offensive and the two Battles,
Chateauguay and Crysler's Farm, that decided the outcome.
Field of Glory is a fascinating panorama of one of the most dramatic periods in
North American History
Appendix A through I are listed. Many soldiers names are mentioned.
Appendix G. The Crysler's Farm and Chateauguay Medals and recipients.
Appendix F. Order of Battle and Strength
49th Reg't 8 companies, 304 men and Grenadier and Light Co's 39 men each
89th Reg't, 5 companies 240 men.
And a few others [pg 362]
Also of interest is mention of Major George Thew Burke pg 367 [also with clasp, Egypt]
who played a very important roll in the 100th/99th Regiments that settled in Richmond/Goulbourn Twp in 1818+