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Walking with Andrew

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Continuing with Barry Robert's 'For King and Canada'

Chapter 5 -Prelude to War. Regiment was stationed in Niagara River area 1809-1811.
A scheduled move to Bermuda was rescinded. Recruiting was restarted in Ireland and
George Ferguson was one of the new recruits. On 2 May 1812 the Regiment was renamed
'The Prince Regent's County of Dublin Regiment'

So what is a Regiment?
From Jon Latimers' '1812 War with America' pages 8-10
The Regiment was an administrative organization -- The Battalion was the Tactical Unit
A Regiment consisted of one or more Battalions which consisting of 10 Companies
Each company consisted of up to 100 men. There were two elite of Flank Companies.
Grenadiers were robust veterans and formed on the right side of the Companies when in line.
Light Company were skirmishers and proficient with the rifle, lined up on left side.

For another description of the Army units refer to Donald Graves 'Red Coats and
Grey Jackets' pages 47-54. This book is about the Battle of Chippawa at which the 100th Regiment 'had a bad day'. Also included are pictures of weapons and soldiers, etc.

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