Friday, January 18, 2013

WAR of 1812

Seven months on

Walking with Joseph
In my last post I mentioned that Napoleon abandoned his Army on 5 Dec 1812 and the last
French elements left Russia on 14 Dec 1812
18 Dec 1812  Napoleon entered Paris just before midnight
30 Dec 1812  Yorck neutralized his Corps
Joseph was in Winter quarters

Walking with Andrew
9 Jan 1813  Britain declares War against  the Americans
18 Jan 1813  1st battle of River Raisin  [Battle of  Frenchtown, 25 miles south of Detroit]
22 Jan 1813  2nd Battle of River Raisin
1 Feb 1813  Construction starts at Fort Meigs  [at present day Perrysburg, Ohio.]

According to my calculations the 100th Regiment is scheduled to move in 1813
probably to Upper Canada
I believe Andrew is a member of the 100th Reg't Grenadier Company

For a listing of events during 1813 refer to The Ottawa Genealogist, Jan-Mar 1813 issue  page 47.