Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walking Around Canada

To-day is 29 Sept 2011 and I have been negligent about posting my virtual walk. Since crossing into the North West territories [18 July] I travelled along the Dempster Hwy, all gravel,reaching Midway Lake. There was a huge music fest underway.[44k] Next we crossed the Peel River [74k, 25 Aug] by cable ferry. B was driving and had a bumpy drive up onto the ferry. The river was higher than normal and they had to build up the ramp so it wasn't hard packed. 51K's back the road descended 853 meters out of the mountains. A spectacular view. On 3 Sept I reached Fort McPherson [86k]
In the real world B and I spent 2 weeks in Yellowknife with a trip into Little Doctor Lake, 1 to 6 Aug 2011, where we spent 6 days in a lodge on the lake with no one around. Closest civilation was Fort Simpson, a 40 minute flight away by float plane. On our way back to civilization we made a stop at Virginia Falls, a real spectacular sight [twice as high as Niagara Falls]. Word is that we have completed or sojourns into the [no appropriate adjective exists]northern parts of Canada