Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

Goulbourn Settlement

20 Dec 1915
 Continually pressed by the Turks, The Nfld Reg't is
evacuated from Sulva Bay, Gallipoli.
23 Dec 1915
 As Christmas approaches, soldiers of the Canadian Corps
suffer through the cold wet winter in Flanders
25 Dec 1915
 The formation of the 3rd Canadian Division is
authorized under Maj.-Gen. M.S. Mercer.

Highlighting Native Nations:  War of 1812
A book by Zig Misiak   ISBN 978-0-9811880-5-8
"This book is dedicated to.... those Canadians who trace their
Ancestry back a few centuries and to all new Canadians who
have since made this country their home. To the Native
Nations who are the First People about whom this book is
mostly written. Though our roots are at different depths,
we share a common flower which is our future, our hope
and our legacy".

This book contains much info about the War of 1812
maps and info about the various battles during the war.
Of note; a list of 20 Polish soldiers of the de Watteville
Reg't who died at battle of Ft. Erie, Aug & Sept 1814.  Also,
The number of casualties by nationality at each battle,
involved, killed, wounded and captured, and
GPS coordinates for battles and places of interest.
ie. Niagara Falls  N43°4.48'  W 79°4.156'    page 112

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