Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

All soldiers in 99th Regiment unless noted otherwise [Ma - Mu]
Malone, James; Maxwell, Joseph, Lt; Medly, Richard; Morrow, Foster; Mulholand, James;
Mullen, Jervis; Murphy, John, Patrick; Murray, Thomas, John.
McAllier, James; McCabe, Alexander, Thomas; McCalla, Robert; McCarthy, John, 103rd Reg.Sgt
McCaslin, Alexander; McDonald, Henry; McEvoy, James; McFadden, William;
McGarry, James; McGinn, Peter; McGrath, Maurice, 37th Reg; McGregor, John;
McGuire [Maguire] John, Thomas; McKaye, Trevor; McKill, James; McLaughlin, Hugh;
McMaster, Peter; McQuade, Michael; McRorie, James.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp Concessions

193 years of settlement in Canada

Joseph Stanzel, Pte, discharged from 2nd Battalion of 60th Regiment of Foot
on 17 May 1819 (WO12/6883) and settled near Ashton, Goulbourn Twp, Con. 9, Lot 3 East 1/2.
Joseph was previously in the 5 Batt'n and came to Canada with a draft of 400 soldiers
arriving at Quebec on 5 Oct. 1818 (WO 12/6946). The 5th Batt'n became part of the Rifle Brigade which was formed from the 95th Reg. of Foot being withdrawn from Reg's of the Line. This created a gap in numbering of reg'ts so 96th became the new 95th. This is why the 100th Reg. [raised in Ireland and arrived in Canada in 1805 became the new 99th Reg. which settled Goulbourn Twp in 1818] This occured in Feb 1816
This twp was part of the Rideau Military settlements and was the second one after the
Perth Military Settlement of 1816
Goulbourn was the second settlement of present Ottawa area. First was Philemon Wright settling in Hull in 1800. Third was the settlement at Bytown soon after the start of the building of the Rideau Canal in 1826/1827.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

All soldiers are with the 99th Reg't
Lackey, William; Larkin, Martin; LeCharity, Francois; Lee, John; Lennon, James;
Lewis, John; Loughrea, Daniel; Lyon, George, Lieut.

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

All listed are with th 99th Reg't
Kean, William; Keely, James; Keilty, John; Kerrison, Simon; Kitt, Charles.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

Jones, James; Jones, Thomas, Cpl; Joynt, Galbraith Captain. 103rd Regiment;
Junkin, Dean
All 99th Reg't unless otherwise mentioned

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

Hagarty, Thomas; Hamrock, Henry, 60th Reg't; Harkin, John Jr. John Sr;
Harrison, David, Royal Waggon Train; Hayes, Henry, Hiram; Hicks, John, 37th Reg't;
Hill, Andrew; Hughes, Simon, William.
All 99th Reg't unless otherwise mentioned