Monday, December 29, 2008

Builders of Rideau Canal/ Bytown

Surname Given Date of Death Remarks
Bott John 29 Dec 1828 Apoplexy; Widow, Eleanor; lived at (lv)Huntington
Brown Charles 23 Mar 1830 Widow Jane, lv Rideau Canal
Cameron Kenneth 21 Jul 1831 Fever;
Carswell*William 8 Jun 1829 No cause given
Darling Marshall 15 Oct 1830 Fever; Widow Sarah, lv Rideau Canal
Down Thomas 27 Oct 1827 No cause given
Duffy Thomas 24 Aug 1829 Quarry Blast; Widow lv Rideau Canal
Gibson Simon 31 Aug 1830 Fever; NOK Peter Gibson lv Woolwich, Kent
Gunn William 10 Nov 1831 Drowned accidently; NOK Mother
Haddow* William 20 May 1830 No cause given
Heron Daniel 30 Nov 1829 At Woolwich, NOK, brother William, lv Upper Canada
and Mother, Mary, lv Strangford
Higford John 9 Mar 1831 Explosion; NOK wife Mary lv Rideau Canal Orphan
Holden William 20 Feb 1830 NOK wife Rebecca lv Rideau Canal
Jasper Leonard 28 Jun 1831 Quarry Blast; NOK, mother, Margery Leonard
lv Launceston, Cornwall
Masters* James 1 Dec 1828 Blasting Accident; Ref:
Myles William 17 Sep 1830 Fever; NOK Widow. lv Rideau Canal
Paris Alexander 25 Oct 1831 NOK mother, address, Stow
Shaw Nathan 15 Sep 1830 Consumption; NOK wife Elizabeth, lv Boston, Lincoln
Simmons James 29 May 1830 Blasting Accident; Widow Elizabeth, lv Rideau Canal
Soffer William 5 Oct 1831 Fever;
Stuart Joseph 30 Jul 1831 Consumption; NOK wife Elizabeth, lv Rideau Canal
Tickel Simon 25 Jul 1831 No cause given
Jenkins Thomas 14 Sep 1847 Died suddenly while lockmaster at Nicholsons;
buried McGuigan Cemetery,
Leeds & Grenville Br. OGS Pub # 91-5, stone 30
Thynne Robert 16 Jul 1853 Drowned while Lockmaster at Blacks Rapids
Ref: Ottawa Citizen 13 Aug 1853, p2, col 2 [V161]
Above article originates in Ottawa Branch, [Ont. Genealogical Soc.] Branch News. To view this and other articles ckeck out

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking Goulbourn Twp Concessions

Starting with this post all future posts will be for Military Settlers, most of whom were from the British 99th Regiment of Foot [ Previous to Feb 1816 it was known as the 100th Reg. of Foot] Soldiers from other regiments will be noted as such[ 37th, 60th, Royal Sapp & Miners RS&M, etc]
David Blair; Jonas Barry [RS&M]; John Barton [37th]; James Bea(r)man; Robert Boyle; Edward Sands Bradley; John Brady; Thomas Brown; Joseph Brownlee; Nathaniel Brownly; John Bruce [37th]; Henry Bulbeck [8th] Col. George Thew Burke; Andrew Burns; James Butler; Hugh Byers; Jeremiah Byrne

Friday, December 5, 2008

Walking Goulbourn Twp Concessions

Francis Abbott; Robert Adams; Joseph Alderson; Thomas Alexander; Patrick Allen; Donald Anderson; John Anderson; Hiram Annable; George Argue; William Argue; Henry Atkinson; Joseph Austin [99th Reg;t]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Walking Around Canada

28 November 2008
Walking around Canada. Started in St. John's Nfld, 1 March 2004. Nil K's logged for Ferry trips.
Somewhere on Trans Canada Hwy in Nfld I actually met myself on my virtual walk.
Moncton, NB, 1,415 Ks 15 Apr 2005
Montreal, Qu, 2,464Ks 18 Dec 2005
Cochrane, On 3,390Ks 14 Jun 2006
Winnipeg, MB 4,800Ks 21 Jan 2007
Calgary, AB 6,143Ks 21 Oct 2007
Victoria, BC 7,228Ks 16 Aug 2008 Again met myself on virtual walk
Comox, BC 7,456Ks 18 Oct 2008 Toured around town as I lived here 1974 - 1982
Woss, BC 7,642 Ks 13 Dec 2008
Port Hardy, BC [Overnite Ferry trip to Prince Rupert]
Prince Rupert, BC 7,742 K's 12/13 Jan 2009
Terrace, BC, 7,889 K's 8 March 2009
South Hazelton, BC 8,029 K's 27 Apr 2008
Houston, BC