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Builders of Rideau Canal/ Bytown

Surname Given Date of Death Remarks
Bott John 29 Dec 1828 Apoplexy; Widow, Eleanor; lived at (lv)Huntington
Brown Charles 23 Mar 1830 Widow Jane, lv Rideau Canal
Cameron Kenneth 21 Jul 1831 Fever;
Carswell*William 8 Jun 1829 No cause given
Darling Marshall 15 Oct 1830 Fever; Widow Sarah, lv Rideau Canal
Down Thomas 27 Oct 1827 No cause given
Duffy Thomas 24 Aug 1829 Quarry Blast; Widow lv Rideau Canal
Gibson Simon 31 Aug 1830 Fever; NOK Peter Gibson lv Woolwich, Kent
Gunn William 10 Nov 1831 Drowned accidently; NOK Mother
Haddow* William 20 May 1830 No cause given
Heron Daniel 30 Nov 1829 At Woolwich, NOK, brother William, lv Upper Canada
and Mother, Mary, lv Strangford
Higford John 9 Mar 1831 Explosion; NOK wife Mary lv Rideau Canal Orphan
Holden William 20 Feb 1830 NOK wife Rebecca lv Rideau Canal
Jasper Leonard 28 Jun 1831 Quarry Blast; NOK, mother, Margery Leonard
lv Launceston, Cornwall
Masters* James 1 Dec 1828 Blasting Accident; Ref:
Myles William 17 Sep 1830 Fever; NOK Widow. lv Rideau Canal
Paris Alexander 25 Oct 1831 NOK mother, address, Stow
Shaw Nathan 15 Sep 1830 Consumption; NOK wife Elizabeth, lv Boston, Lincoln
Simmons James 29 May 1830 Blasting Accident; Widow Elizabeth, lv Rideau Canal
Soffer William 5 Oct 1831 Fever;
Stuart Joseph 30 Jul 1831 Consumption; NOK wife Elizabeth, lv Rideau Canal
Tickel Simon 25 Jul 1831 No cause given
Jenkins Thomas 14 Sep 1847 Died suddenly while lockmaster at Nicholsons;
buried McGuigan Cemetery,
Leeds & Grenville Br. OGS Pub # 91-5, stone 30
Thynne Robert 16 Jul 1853 Drowned while Lockmaster at Blacks Rapids
Ref: Ottawa Citizen 13 Aug 1853, p2, col 2 [V161]
Above article originates in Ottawa Branch, [Ont. Genealogical Soc.] Branch News. To view this and other articles ckeck out

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