Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking Goulbourn Twp Concessions

Starting with this post all future posts will be for Military Settlers, most of whom were from the British 99th Regiment of Foot [ Previous to Feb 1816 it was known as the 100th Reg. of Foot] Soldiers from other regiments will be noted as such[ 37th, 60th, Royal Sapp & Miners RS&M, etc]
David Blair; Jonas Barry [RS&M]; John Barton [37th]; James Bea(r)man; Robert Boyle; Edward Sands Bradley; John Brady; Thomas Brown; Joseph Brownlee; Nathaniel Brownly; John Bruce [37th]; Henry Bulbeck [8th] Col. George Thew Burke; Andrew Burns; James Butler; Hugh Byers; Jeremiah Byrne

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