Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Richmond Military Settlement to Bytown

Year 1818 to 1826/27
12 December 2017
Starting next year, the 200th anniversary of settlement of
'Present Day Ottawa', I will follow the calendar in listing
events of a genealogy nature. Previously I have listed many
persons names, some stayed and some left, concentrating on
the latter. As I just mentioned, next year is the 200th anniv. of
Ottawa. Not much happened until the start of construction of the
Rideau Canal in 1826/27.
  As you may know a settler would be given a 'ticket' to settle
on a lot. The terms of settlement would take about 3 years to
complete. This involved building a house and clearing about
6 acres of land, and a few other items. He would then be given
the patent on that lot. Some lots were not very good farmland
and may this was the reason for moving on?
So we will have to see what goes on next year. I know of an
event next June (More later). But now time out  for Xmas.

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all
Jim Stanzell

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Settlement of Richmond/Goulbourn Twp

15 Nov 2017
  I am a little slow these days and will have a new post shortly. As you are no doubt
aware next year, 2018, is the 200th anniversary of the start of settlement of what is
now the city of Ottawa. FYI, it never became known as that until 1855. It actually
had no name until it started to be called Bytown.  Also as I have mentioned
before the 100th Regiment became known as the 99th Regiment in February 1816.
The settlers started arriving in Richmond in the fall of 1818.
For the names of the military settlers go back to the alpha listing in 2015 and for the
civilian settlers starting in January 2016 and early 2017
Jim St

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Settlement of Richmond/Goulbourn Twp

3 October 2017
   Moving on to the 200th Anniversary

Just to mention; On 3rd of November 2017 it will be the 200th
Anniversary of the Bank of Montreal. I was a member a few yrs ago.
Ref;  Canada's History (formerly 'The Beaver') Oct/Nov 2017 issue
pages 42 - 46.
  The fall of 2018 is the 200th Anniversary of the settlement of
(present day Ottawa) Richmond and the Goulbourn Twp area.
Refer back in this blog to the alpha Surname listing of Soldiers
in the year 2015. There are 181 names mostly from the
100th/99th Regiment and a few other Regiments.
  Following in the year 2016 and part of 2017 the civilian
settlers who settled also in alpha order. By my count there
are 454 settlers in total. I am going to attempt to determine who
moved away. and especially where?? There is not much info
available until the 1851 Census. so good luck Jim.
 It took about three years for a settler to complete the terms
of settlement. The soldier/settlers were probably not farmers
as they probably joined the army as young men about 20 yrs old.
  Above I used the term 100th/99th Regiment. They are the same
and will explain in my next post.

FYI, WE just returned from a visit to Europe. Stayed near Baden-Baden
and went to Kandersteg in Switzerland; Visiter Dieppe, Dunkirk and
Vimy, and visited relatives around Baden. A great trip but tiring.
Glad to be home.   Jim St

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Goulbourn Twp History

12 Sept 2017     

 I am taking a couple of weeks off from my posts.

When I return I will start posting details etc on the

settlememt of Richmond/Goulbourn Twp as 2018

is the 200th Anniversary of its settlement and the 150th

of confederation will soon be over. Looks like summer has

arrived. Wouldn't you know it. Enjoy

Jim St


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Settlers Present Day 0ttawa

In about 1 year from now we will be celebrating the start of settlement of
Bytown, its bi-centennial [August 2018]. Much happened before this date
but I plan to move forward from 1817, 200 yrs ago today.
I have listed in previous posts, military settlers in 2015 in alpha order
and then civilians in alpha order Jan. 2016 to Feb 2017.
There are 181 Soldiers and the civilian settlers total 454 persons/families.
Driving thru Goulbourn Twp. one can see why many settlers moved away.
There is an article in The Stittsville News, dated 25 January 1984, page 14
entitled 'The survey of Goulbourn in 1817' by G.J.Zeldenrust.
[Goulbourn Historical Society]. This article details important info
regarding early Goulbourn, its survey and settlement. Also contains a map
of 5 lots, 6 to 10 of Concession VIII and details of the lot size, etc.
 Richmond is in the south east corner of Goulbourn Twp. and contains
19, one acre lots from Perth St on the north to Ottawa St. on the South.
The streets running north and south are Queen St on the west and
King St on the east. Outside these streets there are 120  10 acre park lots,
1 acre wide and 10 acres long.[ An acre is about 208 ft square]
An article in the latest Ottawa Genealogist, July - Sept 2017 pg 73 - pg 88
Listed are the settlers on most of the lots. eg on page  75 Row 1 lists
the settlers on lot 1 of each street. Each block of the town has 2 lots
in the east/west direction and three lots deep. I hope this is not too
confusing.  More later Jim St.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Settlers Present Day Ottawa

17 July 2017   [4th entry]
Following is a corrected list of the family of Joseph Stanzel 1888-Feb 1884
w1 Sarah Coyne, b ? Belfast Northern Ireland, dc 1830, bur. family farm
John Stanzel, b Ireland - 8 Dec 1874 and Sarah Hughes b 1818
  m. 1837 Ramsay Twp, Lanark Co.
Joseph Stansal 1821 - 1908 and Jane Campbell 1832 - 1904,
   lv Eden Grove, Brant twp. Bruce Co
    Note Stansal name written on land ticket. After three years to complete
the Terms of Settlement, to obtain his land he had to use the new spelling.
This branch of the family uses this spelling to this date.
Louisa Stanzel 1821-? m. Hugh Johnston b, 1815 Scotland d?
   lived Wilberforce Twp, Renfrew Co.
Sarah Stanzel 1822-1884 m. Denis Coogan b.1811, Ire. d. 1883
    lived Ashton, On.
Priscilla Stanzel 1825 - 1871 m. Robert Presley, b Cork, Ire.1819
    d. 1890. lived in Ashton
William Stanzel 1827 - 1895, m Catherine Wright, 1831 1916,
    lived Carleton Place, Ont.
Benjamin Stanzel 1828 1919 and Sarah Tomlinson 1831-1885
   lived Ashton, Ont.
2. Joseph Stanzel and w2 Ann Eynouf, widow, b 1792, England
  d. 1892.  buried on the farm, Con. 9, lot 3 East.
     Note.  I believe there are a number of burials on the farm.
Thomas Stanzel 1832 - 1925 m. Eleanor Tomlinson,
    1831 - 1892. Lived Huntley Twp. Eleanor and Sarah are sisters.

A copy of my Family Tree/History is in The Ottawa Branch, OGS,
Library, 3rd floor Ottawa City Archives, Woodroffe at Tallman.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Settlers Present day Ottawa

13 July 2017

Joseph Stanzel [3rd entry]
  "Hearing of Crown lands being available in Canada, upon
certain improvements being made, they decided to come across.
they found a homestead about three miles north east [incorrect]of
Carleton Place Ont. [Actually Goulbourn Twp. Con.9, Lot 3East]
which is about thirty miles southeast of Ottawa, [now the south east
corner of City of Ottawa], and filled out an application on it.
  It takes about three years to improve the land [terms of settlement]
which requires a log house and stable to be built plus clearing and
cultivating fifteen acres of land. This would average five acres a year
as it was heavily timbered. That would be no small undertaking a in
those days with an axe and cross-cut saw. There were no roads, just
trails through the bush to your next door neighbour. No doctors,
hospitals, drug stores, churches or cemeteries, just hard work.
  Potatoes, whole wheat bread, rolled oats and wildlife meat were
the main courses to live on, plus wild honey and maple syrup.
There were no frills in those days and they were husky and
hardy pioneers." Next the author lists names of nine children
and are not the correct ones for Joseph's family-
Joseph, Frederick, Steven, Herbert, Ephriam, Arthur, Sarah,
Alma and Hazel. The mother Sarah died about 1830 and is buried
on the farm. I suspect that there were more than a few persons
buried there but I have not investigated.
Next entry I will list the children, spouses and dates of
Joseph and Sarah    my email is   jim.stanzell@sympatico.ca
Thought I should mention it.
Jim Stanzell

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Settlers Present Day Ottawa

11 Sept 2017

Joseph Stanzel  [2nd entry]
  "Of his regiment only 27 men survived to reach home. The rest of his regiment perished
on the return trip. He was young, strong and healthy when first conscripted. His parents
hardly recognised him as their son when he staggered home.
  Towards spring, after regaining most of his former strength, he advised his parents that he was going to leave home, otherwise he would be recalled back into the army when spring arrived.
  How, why or when he reached Belfast, Northern Ireland we don't know. He got himself a
job working in the Belfast shipyards which was recognized as the largest shipbuilding
centre in the world. Fearing he might be recalled back into napoleon's Army, he took out
naturalization papers and became an Irish citizen. Like all young men, he found himself
a young Irish girl, or biddy as they were called. Her first name was Sarah  [Coyle].
They fell in love with each other and he went to the priest to make arrangements for their
marriage. The only hitch was that most of the people in Northern Ireland were
Protestants and she would have to become a Catholic before the priest would marry them.
When he informed her of this, she said 'No'.  They broke up for a short time, but
loneliness makes the heart grow fonder. So he went to her and asked if he became a
protestant, would she reconsider. Her answer was 'yes', so they became united shortly
after in the Lutheran Church".

I have a book which deals with Napoleon's march to Moscow called
"The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier" by Jakob Walter, 1788-1864
A unique eyewitness account of the face of Battle from inside
the ranks of Bonaparte's Grand Army  ISBN 0 1401.6559.2 (paperback)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Settlers Present Day Ottawa

8 July 2017
Stanzel, Joseph and Family  [1st entry]    Settled Goulbourn Twp. Con.9, East 3, May 1819.
  Other surname spellings are Stansal, Stanzell and possibly others
Following is an edited version of a 'Family Tree History' originally written by
Orin Chester Stansal on 4 Nov. 1978 in Kelowna B.C.
He is of the same generation as my father, James Harold Stanzell.
  " I can only give what I was told by my father regarding the early history of
the Stanzel family. First settler to Canada was Joseph Stanzel who was born
in the Black Forest area of Germany c 1784, exact location unknown. Being the eldest
son of the family he would traditionally be named Joseph. He was born and raised in a
Roman Catholic home. When a young man he was conscripted into Napoleon's Army, c 1802.
  Alsace-Lorraine was under French rule at that time. It was a rich in forestry and mines.
The method of conscription in those days was a bit crude, carried out by the recruiting officer
who came to your home. If there were sons 18 years and older, they reached into a leather pouch.
which contained white and black balls. If you drew a black ball, you were in the army. If the army needed of more recruits, some of the white balls were removed. There was no medical check-up
in those days.
  This young man was trained in the infantry and later was sent on a march into Russia in 1812.
Napoleon's objective was to capture Moscow before winter set in. Heavy skirmishes were met
along the way, delaying the army's advance. Rain, snow and freezing temperatures set in
causing further delays. In the meantime, seeing that Napoleon was determined to capture Moscow,
the Russians adopted a scorched earth policy and also set Moscow on fire. By now it was late fall,
and winter set in with heavy snows and sub zero temperatures, which was a heavy blow to
Napoleon's Army, who were now on severe rations. They started to return home and floundered through  deep snow and bitter temperatures and forced to eat anything to stay alive."

To be continued shortly. Jim St .

Monday, June 12, 2017

Settlers of Present day Ottawa

12 May 2017

Dow Family 1814
  Abraham arrived 1814and settled in Nepean Twp. Lot M, Con. C just across the
river from Bradish Billings [ Ref; Ottawa Past and Present] Brothers Marble and Samuel
arrived 1816 and settled near Abraham. Their sister Lamira  married Bradish Billings
in Merrickville 18 Oct 1813.

Sparks Nicholas 1816
  Came to Lower Canada to work for Philemon Wright. In 1826 he married Sally Olmstead
the widow of Philemon Wright Jr. He purchased Lot C, Con. C, Nepean Twp. from
John Burrows. More info in DCB, Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

Burrows, John 1817
   [Previous surname Honey]. Lived in Bytown and was involved with the Rideau Canal
until his death in 1848. Ref; John Burrows Fonds at LAC and also in DCB.

Firth, Isaac c1812
  Operated an Inn  at Richmond Landing. Came from Yorkshire and married
Miss Dalmahoy, a millner, who arrived from Scotland in 1818. Ref; Carleton Saga.

Smith Ralph
  Settled near Richmond Landing and operated a stillon the south shore of the
Ottawa River  Ref; 'Rideau Waterway' br Robert Leggat

Wilson, Andrew  Capt. Royal Navy
  Ref; Ottawa Genealogist [Ottawa branch News Jan/Feb 2007.

LeBreton John
  In 1820 bought Robert Randall's property which became known as LeBreton Flats.
No more needs to be said about John LeBreton as we are still talking about his 'Flats'.

The above list is by no means all inclusive of early settlers and I am going to start
dealing with the Richmond Military Settlement of 1818, which is the beginning
of the settlement of the present City of Ottawa, formerly Bytown.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Settlers of Present day Ottawa

21 May 2017

Honeywell, Ira
1810  First permanent settler in Nepean Twp.
REF. 'Land History in Canada'  929.2 HARTAL
          Chapter 3 - Honeywell page 5-8
Located in Ottawa Branch, OGS Library in
City of Ottawa Archives. He settled lot 26
on both Concession I and II Nepean Twp.
OF (Ottawa Front) refering to the River.

Billings, Braddish
1810.  Refer to Ottawa Branch, OGS website
www.ogsottawa.on.ca  (Down list on left side
of homepage 'Billings Descendants'
His home etc. still exists along the Rideau River
just off Riverside Drive

Chapman, Gerard B.  1771 - 1830.
Lived in Nepean Twp. near intersection of the
Jock River and Richmond Rd. It is to be noted
that the Duke of Richmond passed away in his
barn in 28 Aug.1819, Lot 16, Con 6, Nepean Twp.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Settlers of Present Day Ottawa

1 May 2017

Bellows, Caleb
  From Vermont. Kept a store at Bellows Landing, now known
as LeBreton Flats.  Ref: 'Carleton Saga' pg52,53
Collins, Jehiel
  Clerk at Bellows Store.  Ref:  Carleton Saga pg53
  Son of Captain Collins?
      Note. No other info available on above two settlers.
Randall, Robert. He never lived in local area altho he probably
   visited the area. Is listed in Dictionary of Canadian Biology
DCB Vol. VI  [covers 6 pages and is a very interesting person]

Above three settlers were in 'Ottawa' area in 1809.

Next Honeywell and Billings settlers about 1810.
A very good source of early, local info is
Bytown or Bust site. [Search on surnames of interest]
www.bytown.net . Also located on www.ogsottawa.on.ca
down left side list.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Settlers of Present Day Ottawa

4 April 2017

Wright, Philemon
REF; 'The Wrights'  City of Ottawa Archives,  929.2097122 EVA
   This book is a genealogy of the Wright family and other families
who  settled in present day Gatineau/Hull starting in 1800,[7 March]
Written by Patrick MO Evans. List of first settlers on page 27
and contains important info in the notes on this page.
Dictionary of Canadian Biography  http://www.biographi.ca
In Volume VII there is a 4 page write-up on Wright, Philemon
"colonizer, farmer, businessman, militia officer and politician;
b. 3 Sept. 1760 in Woburn,  Mass., son of Thomas Wright,
a farmer and Elizabeth Chandler; m. 1782 Abigail  Wyman,
had nine children; d. 3 June 1839 in Hull, Lower Canada.[Quebec]"
Ottawa Citizen   Canada 150: The Capital Builders
  Monday 9 Jan. 2017  page A7

Philemon Wright and his fellow settlers were the first to settle in what
I refer to as modern Ottawa. There are a few individual settlers after
them and will list what little info I have. This is leading towards the
Richmond Military Settlement, who are previously listed above in years
2015 [Military] and 2016/17[civilians]. FYI, next year, 2018 is the
bi-centennial of this settlement, These above listings mention the settlers
but many of them left not long after settling. I am trying to determine
where those settlers went to.???  happy hunting Jim

Friday, March 24, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

24 March 2017

Line   Surname    Given  Date     Inst. #     Lot & Concession
3745  Simpson     James  27/6/45 2625     Con. 6, Lot 17
3781  Smith          James   8/3/45  2789     Con. 6, Lot 13 
3792  Snyder        David   20/9/37 2279    Con. 11, Lot 6,7
3885  Spearman   John     14/1/43  2379    Con. 10, Lot 27
3894  Sproule      Thomas 23/3/38  2405   Ottawa St. Park 6
3909  Stansfield   Joshua  30/7/44   2887   Con. 6, Lot 22
3968  Stewart       John     31/5/45   2953   Con. 9, Lot 1  1A
3995  Strathey      John     23/10/38 2488   Con. 9, Lot 29
4173  Sumner       John      9/9/44    2438   Con. 10, Lot 1
4188  Taggart       Alex.    31/3/46   2941   McBean St. L6W

Carleton County Book ends line 4608  [1844 - 1847]
This ends these land entries
Check back to dates in 2015, 181 Soldiers settled
Jan 2016 to Feb 2017 273 Civilian Settlers, Total of 454 settlers
To end of March 2017,  86 settlers sold their land. Moved ??

Next I will list other settlers beginning in 1800 with Philemon
Wright and his settlers who moved to Hull, now Gatineau.
Then to present day Ottawa and on to those who built
the Rideau Canal. Most of my references will be to the Library
of the Ottawa Branch, Ont. Genealogical Soc. which is located
in Ottawa City Archives, on Woodruffe Ave, at Tallman, south of
Algonquin College. FYI 2018 is the bi-centennial of the
settlement of Goulbourn Twp.[Richmond, Stittsville & Ashton].
as the Richmond Military settlement.
Rideau Canal construction started 1826/27. completed 1832.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

21 March 2017

Line  Surname       Given     Date     Inst. #     Lot and Con.
3399 Powell          John A.   9/7/38  2578    Lennox St E. Lot 9++
3405 Powell          John A    1/10/40 2581   Con. 3, Lot 29
3424 Pratt            Abraham  15/9/42 2456   Con. 8, Lot 20
3441 Purcill       Christopher  6/3/43 2208   Con. 6, Lot 4
3500 Rieley       Charles         1/3/42 3221   Con. 7, Lot 13W
3596 Schweitzer Charles       3/4/45 2531    Con. 8, Lot 6
3642 Scott        John[Will]    5/8/45 2742    Con. 5, Lot 11
3675 Scott        John[Will]     Nil     3192    Goulb. Twp?
3687 Shea        William       12/9/46 3084   Con. 4, Lot 25N
3717 Shilling.  James           1/7/44  2308   Con. 5, Lot 10
3719 Shilling.  Thomas       23/1/47 3252   Con. 5, Lot 13W
11 entries plus 65 previous equals 76 entries. 1 more to I/P
There is a book in Ottawa Br, OGS library to check for info;
971.382 LIV Lanark Perth and Richmond Vol. 1, pg 12-25
Lists Head of family and number of family members.
Use your imagination for spelling of some family names.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

19 March 2017

Settlers who sold their property

Line  Surname     Given       Date      Memorial      Lot and Con.
2904   Mckaskill   Kenneth    2/3/46   2829        Con. 11, Lot27
2920   McKenney Charity(W)17/2/46 2819        Con. 9,  Lot 12
2930   McKorkle   Robert      28/1/46   2790       Con. 7, Lot 13
2941   McLaren     Duncan    11/11/41 2981       Con. 4, Lot 1E
2992   McNally     Thomas    10/12/44  2396      Con. 12, Lot 12
3089   Montgomery John        6/1/44    2358       Con. 5, Lot 16
3097   Montgomery J. Rob't   6/9/46     3081       Not Mentioned?
3101   Montgomery Hugh Sr. 2/11/46   3156      C4, Lot 10W, 30A
3179   Nesbitt          Wm. Jr.   22/2/41   2445       Con.7, Lot 21
3309   Pau??            William    Nil         3187       Mortgage
3362   Pierce           John         17/9/45   3000       McBean St W, Lot 7
           Pierce           John         17/9/45   3000       Queen St. Park Lot 7.
Total now of 65 entries. [2 more of 11 and 10 entries]

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

14 March 2017

Line   Surname    Given       Date       Instrument   Con/Lot
2548  Magee        William  25/10/45  2718           Wes. Meth. Church
2559  Malloch      Edward  20/2/47    3261          Con. 7, Lot 1W
2561  Malloch      Edward  17/4/44    2258          Con. 1, Lot 25
2589  Malloch      Edward  15/8/45    2633          McBean St. Lot 11
2601  Malloch      Edward  13/2/46    2814          C11, L10; C12, L4
2609  Malloch      Edward  20/3/46    2885      Queen St. Park4; Lennox, L7
2617  Malloch      Edward  8/6/46      2967         Con. 3, Lot 8
2717  McKorkle   Robert   28/1/46    2791          Con 9, Lot 13
2724  McCoy       John       20/8/42    2706          Con.7, Lot 21
2822  McElroy     Patrick   10/4/46    2888          Multi Lots 189 Acres
2844  McFadden  William  20/11/45 2749          Con. 8, Lot 1
2853  McGee       William  15/5/35   2863          Con. 10, Lot 23
2854  McGee       William  20/3/46   2864          Con. 3, Lot 23  1 Acre
2862  McGill       Peter       6/11/46   3169          Con. 3, Lot 13 p/o 50 A
2865  McGill       Peter       20/6/45   3254          Con 3, Lot 26   125 A

53 entries to this point of a total of 86 Settlers who sold
their lot.. Where did they move to, if they did.
Next Twp. or Province or to USA???

Monday, March 6, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

6 March 2017
Settlers Surname G to L

Line   Surname      Given    Date    Instrument #   Con,Lot
1213  Garland       Nicholas 29/3/37  2278           Con8,Lot 4
1217  Garland      John Sr.Will 28/11/45 2906     Con. 2, Lot 7
1228  Garland      William    9/9/44    2906           Con 10, Lot 1
1258  Gibson       Robert      4/8/24     2714          Con 3, Lot 12
1260  Gibson       Robert      3/3/46     2848          Con 7, Lot 12
1353  Green         Robert     12/2/44    2234          Con 3, Lot 13
1438  Hawley      Ira               xxx       2416          Con 2, Lot 11
1560  Hill           James        11/2/47    3248          Con 6, Lot 10
1587  Hodgins   Michael     10/1/41    2839          Con 10, Lot 20
1719  Johnston   James         7/3/46     2836          Con 8, Lot 22
1791  Joynt        Andrew     11/11/40  2527          Ottawa St. Lot 4
1791                                                                       Fortune St W. Lot 17
1943  Kerrison  Simon        17/12/45   2756         Con 6, Lot 17
2264  Lewis     John Bower 20/3/44    2293         Con 6, Lot 3
2285  Lewis     Abbott         12/8/44    2441         Con 12, Lot 32
2312  Lewis     John Bower 16/10/45  2722         Con 11, Lot 7
2323  Lewis    John Bower  6/2/46      2807         Con. 10, Lot 11W
2475  Lyon     Thomas         7/10/34    2444         Con 9, Lot 7
2516  Lyons    Thos Will     23/1/45    2815         Con 9, Lot 7

Above 18 entries for a total of 38 [to be continued]

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

Goulbourn Settlers
26 Feb 2017

The following entries are from Carleton County
Copy Book, #5      4608 entries 1844-1847.
I indexed this book over a number of years and the listing is on the
Ottawa Branch, OGS computer in Ottawa City Archives Office,
under my name. I think!! will update if incorrect.
These entries are for settlers who SOLD their lot and they MAY
have moved away??

14      Alderson       Joseph   21/6/44   2381    C1, Lot 12
35      Anderson      John      23/4/45    3002    C4, Lot 1E?
177    Barton           John      16/3/43    2280    C8, Lot 15   37th Reg't
370    Bradley         Joshua   13/7/44    2307    C12, L29
375    Bradley         William 11/4/45    2566    C8, L11
443    Brownlee       John      31/1/45    2809    C5, L15
561    Burrows       Ann(W)  1/4/45      2568    C2, L3
700    Clark             Robert    1/12/45   2748    C10,L31
763    Collins          Daniel    27/2/45    2463    C12,L1
780    Cook             William  28/2/38   2877     C10,L6  37th Reg't
798    Copeland      William   7/6/42     3001     Perth St. L7N
800    Corbett         Patrick     3/10/43   3123     C10, L27
815    Costello       Mathew   23/9/39    2801    C9, L28
895    Dawson       George     7/7/45      2598    C6, L24
948    Doran          John         23/3/44    2408     C3, L5
1002  Eady           Robert        9/3/40    3025     C7, L15  37th Reg't
1071  Faulkner     Robert        9/8/44    2318     C3, L29
1076  Featherstone Robert     26/3/46   2868     C6, L16
1078  Fee             William      16/4/46   2895     McBean St. L1W
1113  Fitzpatrick  Anne(W)    25/3/44   2240    C6, L16

will continue shortly

Friday, February 10, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

10 Feb 2017

Surname Y
Young[e], Thomas  Con. 7, Lot 19W  20 May 1824
   CCCBk #5; UCLB Vol.5, page 314
Young, Ann  Con. 10, Lot 11E  13 Jun 1833
Young, Robert  Con 11, Lot 30E  24 Oct 1821
Younge, Robert Jr.
   CCCBk# 42, 43, 83++; UCLB Vol.5, pg 314
    MUC page 11

Surname Z
   Nil names

This completes the Civilians list as well as the Military
Settlers in Goulbourn.
Soldiers/Settlers in above lists
   181 +   273       = 454 and their families.
In 'Carleton Saga' by Olive and Harry Walker on
page 68 " At the end of Military Control 24 Dec 1822
the number of Settlers in the Richmond Military Settlement;
Soldiers and their families       712 persons
Emigrants and their families  1722 persons
Total of 2434 persons, more people in Richmond than
anytime since"  This book first published in Dec. 1968.

In the Goulbourn Twp. Historical Soc. Library located
in Stittsville Public Library, Historical Section, they have
historical files on 218 Families, as at 8 Apr 2015.
Also in Ottawa City Archives, Woodroffe at Tallman,
in Library of Ottawa Br, Ontario Genealogical Soc.
there is a large amount of data/info to aid the researcher.
I will be using data from the latter in future posts.
The next will be from Volume V of CCCBks, 1844-47,
Carleton County Copy Books and listing those
settlers who sold their property. I indexed this book a
few years ago and a copy of the surnames in Alpha
order is on the Ottawa Br. computer.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

7 Feb 2017
Surname W (2nd of 2)

Wilson, James  Con.9, Lot 22E  6 May 1828
                         Con. 10, Lot 18W  3 Jul 1828
                         Con. 7, Lot 19W  25 Jun 1824
   CCCBk # 5, 7, 120 ++; MUC pg 2, 7, 8 +
Wilson, John  Con, Lot 18W  18 Nov 1828
   CCCBk# 182, 321 ++; MUC pg 9, 12, 18++
Woolsey, Joseph  Con. 11, Lot 19W  2 Jul 1828
                             Con. 12, Lot 19W  19 Feb 1830
   CCCBk# 281, 1520;  MUC page 11
Wyatt, Edward  Fowler St E, Lot 14  3 Mar 1834
   CCCBk# 852
Wyatt, Francis  Fowler St. E, Lot 16  3 Mar 1834
   CCCBk# 53, 1311
Wyatt, John  Fowler St E Lot 17  3 Mar 1834

Surname X

  The next input will complete the list of
Civilian Settlers.  Will then detail 'what's next'
As you know 2018 is the 200th Anniversary
of Settlement of Goulbourn.
'Richmond Military Settlement'    [2nd of 3]
This year is the 150th Anniversary of Canada
1867 - 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

30 Jan 2017
Surname W (1 of 2)

Walker, Robert  Con. 3, Lot 4W  4 Nov 1828
    CCCBk 252+; 1851 Census, Fitzroy Twp, age 45
Watson, John  Con 10, Lot 21W  3 Jul 1828
       CCCBK 335; and
                        Con. 4, Lot 13W  5 Dec 1826
      CCCBk 74, 99; Lived in Perth, Lanark Co.
White, Cornelius  Con. 11, Lot 6W  31 May 1836
     MUC page 15??
White, John  Con. 11, Lot 3E  30 May 1836
            [Whyte] CCCBk 1596;  MUC page 10
White, Michael  Con. 11, Lot 3W  6 Feb 1837
           [Whyte]   CCCBk 1090
Wiggins, Robert  Con. 4, Lot 4W  4 Jul 1828
           [Wiggans] CCCBk 983; MUC pg 16,18
Willoughby, George  Con. 4, Lot 1E  5 Jul 1828

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

19 January 2017
Surname T

Taylor, John  Con. 7, Lot 19E  6 May 1828
   MUC 10,26,27; UCLB Vol.5 page 282
   1851 Census, North Gower Twp. p1d,2a(3)  age 50
Taylor, Josiah  Con. 9, Lot 5E  6 Oct 1826
   CCCBk 65, 388++; MUC 104, 106:
   UCLB Vol. 5, page 282
Tallon, James  Fowler St. E, Lot 1  27 Jan 1834
    Possible Beauharnois Co. Quebec, age 68,
     p20d,21a(41), 1851 Cen.
Thompson, Charles  Cockburn St W, Lot 6  8 Feb 1834
    CCCBk 59; MUC page 8.  Many settlers this
     given 1851 Census
Thompson, Thomas  Con. 4, Lot 25N  24 Oct 1821
    CCCBk 459;  MUC ??; UCLB Vol. 5,pg 286;
    Many settlers this given 1851 Census
Thompson, William  Cockburn St. W, Lot 8  10 Apr 1835
   CCCBk 638,639++;  MUC ??
   1851 Census, Nepean Twp, age 60
Tomlinson, Thomas  Con. 3, Lot 3W  24 Oct 1821
   CCCBk 397; UCLB Vol. 5, page 288
   Goulbourn Twp, 1851 Census p38d,39a(77) age 63
Tourney, John  Queen St. W, Lot.5  10 Nov 1824
   CCCBk 357,411++; MUC page 9 (Torney)
    1851 Census, Hull Twp. age 92
Torrence, John  Con. 5, Lot 26/7W  10 Nov 1824
   CCCBk 10, 1223+;  Surname in Quebec 1851 Cen.
Trimble, Andrew  Con. 4, Lot 9W  31 Jan 1833
   CCCBk 554; Some Surnames 1851 Census

Surname U
Upton, John   Con. 5, Lot 3W  5 Jul 1828
   Nil records; Widow Anne in Goulbourn Twp age 70
NOTE; Description of short forms (ie CCCBk) etc
            will be listed at end of this set of alpha inputs
            will be listed shortly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

11 Jan 2017
Surname S [5th of 5]
 Stewart, James  Con. 9, Lot 1W  5 Nov 1824
     Bought Memorial 55 from James West
     UCLB page 276; CCCBk 22,59++
      MUC  page 24+++
Stewart, John  Con. 9, Lot 2Rear  23 Dec 1839
    CCCBk 261, 556++; MUC page 35+
    Carleton Saga, page 495, Moved to
     Deloraine, Manitoba
Sullivan, Daniel  Con. 1, Lot 6W   8 Nov 1826
     Bought memorial #70 from John Fallahea;
     MUC page 9; UCLB page 279, Vol. 5
Sullivan, John  Con. 10, Lot 2E  31 May 1836
   CCCBk 614, 1136; MUC page 15
Sumner, John  Con. 9, Lot 1,part-of
   CCCBk#992,993,1676+; FF page 9
   Store Owner, Carleton Saga, page 495/6
5 surnames for a total of,
    for Civilian Settlers 242
NOTE Refer to "Richmond on the Jock"
book not indexed, for a map of Richmond pg105

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

3 January 2017
Surname S [4 of 5]

Smith, William  Con. 5, Lot 8 E  3 Dec 1826
    CCCBk #4, ++
Snyder, David  Con. 11, Lot 6 & 7 E 14 Dec 1836
    CCCBk1576, 1578+; MUC page 53
     UCLB page 270
Sparling, John  Con. 9, lot 15W  24 Jun 1828
    No Records found
Spearman, Elizabeth  Con 10, Lot 27E  24 May 1824
    Refer to John Spearman; CCCBk. #557, 647;
     MUC 11; UCLB page 271
Sproule, John  Con 10, Lot 25   22 Oct 1829
   CCCBk 248, 674; MUC page 8; Memorial 248
Sproule, Thomas  Con. 6 Lot 25  2 Jul 1828
   CCCBk. 248, 674; Sold mem. 248 [see above]
    MUC page 98
Stanley, Samuel  Con. 12, Lot 28W  27 May 1824
    MUC page 9; UCLB page 273
Stanley, Thomas Sr.  Maitland St. E, lot 16  13 Feb 1834
     CCCBk. 242+;  UCLB page 273
Stanley, Thomas Jr.  Murray St. W, Lot 9  20 Feb 1834
     CCCBk. 2093

To this point 237 civilian names listed