Monday, May 1, 2017

Settlers of Present Day Ottawa

1 May 2017

Bellows, Caleb
  From Vermont. Kept a store at Bellows Landing, now known
as LeBreton Flats.  Ref: 'Carleton Saga' pg52,53
Collins, Jehiel
  Clerk at Bellows Store.  Ref:  Carleton Saga pg53
  Son of Captain Collins?
      Note. No other info available on above two settlers.
Randall, Robert. He never lived in local area altho he probably
   visited the area. Is listed in Dictionary of Canadian Biology
DCB Vol. VI  [covers 6 pages and is a very interesting person]

Above three settlers were in 'Ottawa' area in 1809.

Next Honeywell and Billings settlers about 1810.
A very good source of early, local info is
Bytown or Bust site. [Search on surnames of interest] . Also located on
down left side list.

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