Tuesday, September 18, 2012

War of 1812

Three months on

Walking with Joseph in Europe

7 Sept.  Napoleon defeats Kutuzov at Borodino
9-18 Sept. Wellington's siege of Burgos fails.
14 Sept.  Napoleon arrives at Moscow

Walking with Andrew in Upper and Lower Canada

3-8 Sept. Native Americans attack several settlements/forts in US territories
8 Sept. Truce arranged between Prevost and Dearborn officially ends
16 Sept. Lt. James FitzGibbon prevents an ambush, east of Prescott, of a number of Batteaux
   carrying British soldiers' families by an American raiding party from Ogdensburg, NY.

Lt. FitzGibbon played a very important role in defending Upper Canada. He came to UC with Brock's Regiment and was active up to the 1837 Rebellion. It was he who Laura Secord told about an American attack at Beaver Dams. Refer to 'A Veteran of 1812' for an account of his life in Canada,
written by his granddaughter. A  copy is in our branch library