Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp. Concessions

Soldiers are in the 99th Reg't unless otherwise noted.
Tarman, John, 37th Reg't; Tarman, Joseph, Sgt, 37th Reg't;
Thompson, William, 37th Reg't; Tighe, Richard;
Timmins, Patrick; Tully, Patrick.

Vaughan, William, Sgt.

Walsh, John 1st; Walsh, John 2nd; Walsh, Stafford; West, James;
Whealan, John, 37th Reg't; Whitbourne, Benjamin, 37th Reg't;
Whitmarsh, Herbert, Commissary Dept;
Wilson, Andrew, Royal Navy, Commander, Lived near Hoggs Back;
Wilson, Hugh; Withers, John.

Yorke, John, 37th Reg't.

This completes the listing of Military Settlers in Goulbourn Twp.