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Goulbourn Settlement

27 Sept 2015
Surname M [2 of 3]

McGinn, Peter  Con. 9, Lot 5W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co Fermanaugh,
1798 - d. 1866 Petersville, IA
m. Ann Shea b. 1805 - d. Petersville 1879
McGrath, Maurice  Con. 6, Lot 22E  5 Jun 1822
37th Reg't b. ?? Manorhamilton, Co Lietrim
McGregor, John  Con 8, Lolt16W  26 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co. Derry
McGuire, John  Con. 7, Lot 29W  1 Nov 1821
99th Reg't  b. Clones, Co. Fermanagh
[Note. surname also spelled Maguire]
McGuire, Thomas  Con. 9, Lot 27W 24 Oct 1821
99th  Reg't  b. co. Kildare
McKaye, Trevor  Con. 2, Lot 14W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Blaris, Co. Down
McKill, James  Con. 8, Lot 24W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Cavan
McLaughlin, Hugh  Con. 4, Lot 15W   date ??
99th Reg't  b. Rye, Co Donegal
McMaster, Peter  Con. 9, Lot 12E  1 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Derry
McQuaide, Michael  Con 4, Lot 7E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
McRorie  James  Con 9 Lot 1E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co. Tyrone
Medley, Richard  Con. 4, Lot27W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. King's, Ire.

As one may have noticed I use the 99th Reg't in referring
to the soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Twp. starting in
the fall of 1818. For an explanation refer to Barry Roberts
book 'For King and Canada' page 171. "At the beginning
of 1816.....   [100th renumbered the 99th]

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Goulbourn Settlers 100th/99th Regiment

20 Sept 2015

23 Sept 1915
  The Canadian Corps now boasts 1,354 Officers and
36,522 men.
25 Sept 1915
  Allies launch autumn offensive.

Goulbourn Settlement [surnames M, 1 of 3]
Malone, James  Con. 10, Lot 25E  24 Apr 1822
  99th Reg't b. Co. Monaghan
Maxwell, Joseph  Con. 4, lot 26All 24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. ?
McAllier James  Con. 6, Lot 22E  24 Oct 1822
  99th Reg't b. Ballynamore, Co. Cavan
McCabe Thomas  Con. 6, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Co. Mayo
McCalla Robert  Con. 3, Lot 5W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Co. Down
McCarthy John  Con. 4, Lot 12E  24 Oct 1821
  103rd Reg't  Sgt.
McCaslin Alexander  Con. 10, Lot 24 E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Dromore, Co. Tyrone
McDonald, Henry  Con. 9, Lot 28W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim
McEvoy James  Con. 5, lot 5E  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Co. Kildare
McFadden William  Con. 8, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b, Farman, Co. Tyrone
McGarry James  Con. 8, lot 20W  24 Oct 1821
  99th Reg't  b. Shankill, Co. Armagh
Continued next weekend!

RE 100th/99th Regiments.
The 100th was raised in Ireland in 1804 and sailed to
Canada in 1805. Fought in the war of 1812. Was renumbered
the 99th on 6th Feb 1816. REF. Barry Roberts 'For King and
Canada' page 171[the 95th was withdrawn from the
Reg'ts of the line and formed the Rifle Brigade. All higher
numbered regiments dropped down a number,
ie, the 100th to the 99th etc.]

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Goulbourn Settlement

16 Sept 2015

   Nil this post

Goulbourn Settlers Letter 'L'
Lackey, William  Con 8, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't b. Co Derry
Larkin, Martin  Con 8, Lot 4E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Ballinakill, Ire
LaCharity, Francois  Con. 6, Lot 24E 24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't   b. Three Rivers, Que
Lee, John Tracy  Con. 4, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Lennon, James  Con. 1, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Craigen, Ire
Lewis, John  Con. 9, Lot 23W  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't
Loughrea, Daniel  Con. 3, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Lyon, George  Con. 2, lot 20  24 Oct 1821
99th Reg't  Lieut  Co. b. Monaghan

In this blog I use the 99th Reg't for most soldiers,
as the 100th was re-numbered the 99th in Feb 1816.
Most locals use the 100th entirely.  FYI

Also for Surname M there are 33 surnames so I will
post 11 names each week for 3 weeks

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Goulbourn Twp. Survey 1817

15 September 2015
Continued from 4 Sept. This entry concludes this story.
  "Faced with a considerable amount of administration and
accounts, John Ryder engaged a clerk to help him with his
work. It kept them both busy until after Christmas, on which
day they took off awhile to attend church services.
  On the 26th of December, things did not go right and he
writes; 'Being the day after Christmas, getting the men to
sign the pay lists, through their awkwardness blotted the
pay lists and when I took them to the superintendent, he
said he could not receive them, as they were blotted and
would not pass them to the Surveyor- Generals office. Was
obliged to return to my office and was obliged to start afresh'
  December 28 - 'The Sabbath did not apply, proceeded on
writing'. Unfortunately, John Ryder, still so busy, that on this
Sunday, he did not even have time to go to church.
  It is nearly 170 years later [today, 198 years] now. The face
of Goulbourn has undoubtedly changed beyond the wildest
dreams of Mr. Ryder and his men. He could probably no more
imagine what this township would eventually look like than we
can comprehend the size and look of the wilderness of that time.
  And as we zoom, for instance, along the old No 15 highway on
the 9th concession line between Ashton and Stanley's Corners,
wouldn't it be nice to just reflect for a moment on those early
surveyors who, so many years ago, struggled, chopped, measured
and suffered along that same line to lay out the boundaries of what
we now call our Goulbourn township.."
 There is a map attached with this story. I will verbally describe it
as don't seem to be able to copy it here. It is of Lots 6 thru 10 of
Concession 8, about 2-4 miles east of Ashton. The lots are 4402 ft
to Con. 9 and a 100 Acre lot is 990 ft wide. Roadways are 66 ft
wide or 1 chain. There is a cross road, west of lot 6 and east of
lot 10. It is normal to have a cross road every 5 lots [200A]. The
type of wood to designate the corner of each lot is mentioned,
mostly Cedar, and 1 each Hemlock, Ironwood and Balsam.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Goulbourn Twp Survey 1817

4 Sept 2014
  I have to adjust my schedule due to a large number of
personnel in letter, M=33, Will follow letter L which will
follow the next and last post of Goulbourn Survey.
  " The whole area of what was to become Goulbourn twp.
as we know it, was a dense forest at the time, and it can be
readily understood that these survey's were not accomplished
without great difficulty and hardship.
  The surveyors nevertheless finished the ninth line, the tenth
and even all of the eleventh. (The 12th is never mentioned ???)
  During that fall, Mr. Ryder had to return to Perth frequently
for more rations, and, as one can imagine, these trips were no
Sunday drive in the country.
  Take the 16th of November, for instance; here he writes in
his diary the following; - 'Sent my party from Perth to the
Mississippi River with a load of rations and to return next day
for a second load, in order to take the whole down the river
with a raft to the grand falls, from whence I can distribute
them through the rear of said township, which? case the land
road being so very bad and swampy that it is almost impossible
to get rations out that way to any purpose. The distance so far
and so wholly through the wilderness, a man would almost
consume his whole load in going forward and backward-'.
  On the 3rd of November, they battled a severe storm, which
brought them eight inches of snow and confined them to camp
for more than two days, as surveying had been made completely
impossible during that time.
  Then, having run the 11th concession line backwards to lot one,
Ryder's men pounded the last stake of their assignment at the
intersection of the town line and concession 11 (near the former
Ashton [Railway] station on December 8th. Next day they broke
camp and headed for Perth, which they reached on December 10th,
at approximately nine o'clock in the evening"
  Con't next week 11/12 Sept.

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Goulbourn Settlement

1 Sept 2015
  The following entries from LEGION Magazine
Sept./Oct 2015  page 6 &7
War of 1812 Era
10 Sept. 1813
  U.S. Captain Oliver Perry defeats six British
warships at the Battle of Lake Erie
13 Sept 1814
  Fort McHenry does not fall, despite British Naval
bombardment; the battle inspires the U.S.
national anthem.
27 Sept. 1806
  Isaac Brock is appointed to command British
forces in Upper Canada
13 Sept. 1915
  After 2nd Canadian Division is raised, a Canadian
Army Corps with two divisions is formed under
Lt.- General E.A.H. Alderson
19-20 Sept 1915
  The Newfoundland Regiment lands at Sulva Bay,
on the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula.