Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walking Around Canada

Chapman lake, the largest on the trip is at 116.0K and at 120.3K we pass the northern boundry of Tombstone park. On 5 Dec 2010 we actually drive down a runway, at 124.4K- no parking or stopping allowed. There are two runways, used when they built the highway, now for emergencies. The Dempster now follows Engineer Creek down to the Ogilvie R. starting 168.3 to 237K, here on 29 Dec. On 14 Jan 2011 reached Engineer Creek Campground and Sapper Hill at 193.8K. If we ever go back we will use these campgrounds? At 195.0 K we cross Engineer Creek bridge and the Ogilvie R. watershed. William Ogilvie, after who all the 'Ogilvie' features are named, was a surveyor sent to the area to determine the 141st meridian, border between Yukon and Alaska in 1887. On 11 Feb at 237.0K we drive down an airstrip, no parking or stopping, that was used in construction of the highway. Now for emergencies.
On 17 Feb we start up Seven mile hill to reach the 300m high Eagle plain plateau
On 24 Feb we reach the Ogilvie-Peel viewpoint at 259.0K. Great view! these rivers flow into the Mackenzie basin. On the road to the richardson mts [9 mar 2011]