Tuesday, July 17, 2012

War of 1812

One month on

17 July 1812
To-day is the bi-centennial of the British capture of Fort Mackinac. Captain Charles Roberts [he was advised that the war had been declared on 8th of July] the 10th Royal Veterans Battalion sailed from Ft St Joseph, overnight on the Caledonia, and Lt Porter Hanks [when he was confronted by the British said 'What war??'] had no option but to surrender. The British occupied the Fort until the end of the war.
Burton has a very good account of the event in his book, 'The Invasion of Canada 1812-1812' pages 13-15.

At the start of the war Upper Canada was garrisoned by British 41st Reg and 10th Royal Veterans Batt'n as well as about 100 Royal Artillerymen. Also alternating between Upper and Lower Canada were the 49th and 100th Regiments. As the war progressed other Reg'ts would be added and it will be noted when this happens.

19 July 1812
Provincial Marine attacks Sackets Harbour,1st time. It was a short but unequal engagement and the British sailed away. [Every major war vessel that sailed the lake was built here] The Royal George was involved and we will hear from her again later