Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ottawa at 200 years and on

30 August 2018
Ref;  Carleton Saga page 53 - 55
  By this date 200 yrs ago [1818] the party of settlers had arrived at Richmond Landing
and set up tents etc.while the men started clearing a road thru the bush to their new
home at Richmond/Goulbourn which was about 20 miles away. This crew no doubt
included some of the settlers and also employees of Philemon Wright.
  I have mentioned this before but back in this blog I have listed 181 soldiers
in alpha order for the year 2015 and a number of Civilian settlers , also in alpha
order starting in Jam 2016 and ending in Feb 2017. Total military/civilian
settlers, by my count, is 454 settlers.
  Presently in the works, I have created a map of Goulbourn Twp, containing
12 concessions and an average of 30- 200 Acre lots per concession which contains
the name of the settler who obtained the patent for his lot about 1821/22
   The Goulbourn Museum has created a beautiful map of Goulbourn Twp which lists
the settlers from Beldon's Atlas of 1879. It is on the wall at the Museum.
FYI the Richmond Fair is being held in the Fair grounds at Richmond
14 to 16 Sept. The Goulbourn Historical Society and the Museum will be there,
in the Arena

In the near future, 11 Nov. is the end of WW1 and
  24 May 2019 is a 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria

Longer time ahead is the building of the Rideau Canal 1826-1832

Jim Stanzell

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ottawa at 200 years and on

23 Aug 2018

Richmond Settlers arrive at present day Le Breton Flats and in 1818 soon to be called
Richmond Landing. They arrived about 23 Aug 1818.
Ref 1; Carleton Saga by Harry an Olive Walker
           page 52, #5 Heart break Journey
           When the settlers arrived at what was then called Bellows Landing they
           found 4 squatters there.
        1. Caleb Bellows, who was from Vermont and kept a store there.
        2. Jehiel Collins who was a clerk in Bellows store.
        3. Andrew Berry
        4. Isaac Firth
    On page 53 of above Ref, there is a picture of Soldiers/Settlers building a log house
     and following is a few pages of early settlers and their activities. Will list these settlers
     in my next post.
Ref 2; Ottawa Past and Present  (1927 by AHD Ross)
      Page 24, settlers 1 and 2, above, mentioned
      Page 28, settlers 3 and 4 mentioned
      Page 33, Lots of info on the Richmond Military Settlement

100th/99th Regiments
    I think this should be mentioned. In February 1816 it was decided to form a
     Rifle Brigade. The 95th Reg't. of Foot was removed from the Reg'ts. of the line along
     with the 5th Batt'n of the 60th Reg't to form the Rifle Brigade. All Regiments above
      the 95th rolled down a number so 96th became the new 95th and the
      100th became the 99th.. In a few years they were all disbanded

   Jim Stanzell  (My ancestor who settled in Goulbourn was in the 60th Reg't.)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Ottawa ar 200 years and on

16 August 2018

A Bi-Centennial and 2 Centennials

1. Ottawa at 200 years.
  Settlers are moving up the Ottawa River to present day La Bretton Flats.
   (became known as Richmond Landing)  the settlers will arrive there
    within the next two weeks.  Refer to Carleton Saga page 50 to 64
     for a great account of info on many aspects of early settlement of
     Richmond and area
2. World War 1
     The last 100 days;  8 August to 11 November 1918
     The Canadian Legion has published an account of this time period,
     Volume 3, summer 2018 entitled "The March to Victory" Canada's
       final 100 days of the Great War.  This publication is available at most
       bookstores, $14.95+tax until 5 Nov 2018
       Chapter 1.  Battle of Amiens 8-11 Aug. 1918  pages 10 - 23.
3. Capreol, On.   Just north of Sudbury, On
     100th anniversary of incorporation as a town.
     This is my hometown. Became a divisional town when the CNoR was
      built from Ottawa to join with the railway which existed from Toronto
       and on its way eventually to Vancouver.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ottawa at 200 years and on

As we near the 200th anniversary of the founding of present day Ottawa I intend to
list events and people who settled here in 1818 and afterwards up to the completion
of the Rideau Canal in 1832. Persons will be mentioned and further research is left
to anyone interested in that family. This is mainly a Genealogy work.
First;  Who was here in/about the fall of 1818.

Philemon Wright settled in Hull/ Gatineau in 1800

Ira Honeywell settled in Nepean Twp. Con. 1, Lot 26 in 1811

Bradish Billings settled Junction Gore Lot 17 in 1812

Dow family settled across the Rideau River from Billings in 1814

Jerard Chapman settled in Nepean Twp. where present day Richmond Road meets
           the Jock River

Nicholas Sparks purchased in Nepean Twp Con. C, Lot C [200 Acres now
           downtown Ottawa]

John Burrows [Honey] returned to Canada in 1817. Lived in Bytown and
          worked on the Rideau canal until he died in 1848

Richmond Military Settlement started in the fall of 1818. This was the
       second settlement, following the Perth Settlement of 1816.
 Future entries will detail settlement of Richmond/Goulbourn Twp.

Info on above settlers for some is available in Dictionary of Canadian
      Biography and in City of Ottawa Archives and no doubt in other places.

One of the first events in this story takes place at Quebec City on
  28 July 1818. On this date the settlers were leaving Quebec for their
  new settlement and crossed paths by the Duke of Richmond's party
   arriving to take up his duties as Governor General of the British
   Colonies in North America. It has been stated that resulting from
    this meeting that their settlement be named Richmond.

5 August 2018