Tuesday, December 18, 2012

War of 1812

Six Months on

Walking with Joseph
  5 December 1812  Napoleon abandons his Army to return to Paris [1400 miles], is at Warsaw on 10 Dec and at Dresden on 13 Dec. Date of arrival at Paris TBD
 14 December 1812  Last of the French Army leave Russia
     According to the family history regarding Joseph-- He arrived at home, date unknown, and his family didn't recognize him. He supposedly left for Belfast in the spring of 1813.
His story to be continued

Walking with Andrew
28 November 1812  American forces invade Upper Canada by crossing the Niagara River at
  Fort Erie, but are repulsed at the Battle of Frenchman's Creek. A second attempt scheduled for two days later is cancelled.
2 December 1812 General Dearborn cancels a planned invasion of Montreal and withdraws to
   Plattsburg, NY for the winter.
17/18 Dec. 1812  Battle of Mississinewa

It is suspected that most forces entered winter Quarters. Year 1812 draws to a close
I wonder what they did for Xmas in those days of old??

Monday, December 3, 2012

War of 1812

There are two books, among others, that I am using to post info/data re Joseph and Andrew. First. 'The Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier' by Jakob Walter, 1788-1864 ISBN 0 14 01.6559 2, Paperback A fascinating and important historical document - The only known memoir of a common soldier in Napoleon's Army. "Eighteen year old German stonemason Jakob Walter served in the Grand Army of Napoleon between 1806 and 1813. His diary intimately records his trials: the long grueling marches in Prussia and Poland, the disastrous Russian compaign and the demoralizing defeat in a war few supported or understood" The family story of Joseph parallels the details of this diary but I have not been able to prove any facts. Joseph was a member of the 60th Regiment when he came to Canada in 1818 Second. 'For King and Canada' by A. Barry Roberts ISBN 1-55036-683-1 The story of the 100th Regiment of Foot during the War of 1812 NOTE: The 100th was renumbered the 99th Reg't. in Feb 1816. "Described by a Montreal poster of 1813 as 'The Prince Regent's Own Irish Heroes' for their exploits against the American invaders in the War of 1812. In this first detailed account of the Regiments history we follow the progress of young Irishmen volunteering for service in Canada until many of them elected to become Redcoat soldier-settlers in Goulbourn Twp, now part of the City of Ottawa" Andrew was a member of the 100th/99th Regiment. Both Joseph and Andrew would eventually settle in Goulbourn Township