Saturday, April 20, 2013

War of 1812

10 months on  
[ a pound light or a day or 2 late]

Walking with Joseph
 Napoleon's Army preparing for the season, as is Joseph.
First battle will be on 2nd of May

Walking with Andrew
March of the 104th Regiment
6 April  Quebec hands over to Ontario for re-enactment on the 104th march
12 April Re-enactment of 104th march concludes in Kingston.
22 April  Provincial Marine, which was established in 1778, is disbanded [name only]
23 April  First anniversary of this Blog
27 April Americans capture York [present day Toronto]
     Remnants of the Light Co of the 8th[Kings] Regiment arrive at Kingston, having retreated 
     from York. They joined other troops being assembled to defend Kingston. Included are the
     Grenadiers of the 100th Regiment (Roberts, pg 70)