Monday, June 18, 2012

War of 1812

18 June 2012

And now it begins and will continue to 24 Dec. 1814 and beyond

President Madison issued a proclimation declaring war on Great Britain

I recently visited the new Exibition at the War Museum entitled 'The Four Wars of 1812'
I intend to use this format in future posts;
1. Canada. Walking with Andrew [Spearman a member of 100th Regiment]
2. Europe. Walking with Joseph [Stanzel a member of Napoleon's Army]
3. Bytown. Walking 200 years ago in present day City of Ottawa
4. Ottawa. Walking 100 years ago to the present.
Not all posts will contain info on all of the above, starting with this post, and continuing on an irregular basis

Walking with Joseph
On 24 June 1812 Napoleon with his army of 500K+ soldiers crossed the Niemen River into Russia on his way to Moscow

Walking with Andrew
 He is no doubt preparing for war. His exact location at this time is not known but is probably somewhere along the Canadian/American border.

There was no involvement locally in the War of 1812 but settlers were moving into the area, Honeywell in 1810/11 and Billings in 1812/13

2012 is the 100th anniv of the opening of th Chateau Laurier and the Railway Station across the street. For War of 1812 activites in the area, mainly along the St Lawrence River, check out website