Saturday, August 5, 2017

Settlers Present Day 0ttawa

In about 1 year from now we will be celebrating the start of settlement of
Bytown, its bi-centennial [August 2018]. Much happened before this date
but I plan to move forward from 1817, 200 yrs ago today.
I have listed in previous posts, military settlers in 2015 in alpha order
and then civilians in alpha order Jan. 2016 to Feb 2017.
There are 181 Soldiers and the civilian settlers total 454 persons/families.
Driving thru Goulbourn Twp. one can see why many settlers moved away.
There is an article in The Stittsville News, dated 25 January 1984, page 14
entitled 'The survey of Goulbourn in 1817' by G.J.Zeldenrust.
[Goulbourn Historical Society]. This article details important info
regarding early Goulbourn, its survey and settlement. Also contains a map
of 5 lots, 6 to 10 of Concession VIII and details of the lot size, etc.
 Richmond is in the south east corner of Goulbourn Twp. and contains
19, one acre lots from Perth St on the north to Ottawa St. on the South.
The streets running north and south are Queen St on the west and
King St on the east. Outside these streets there are 120  10 acre park lots,
1 acre wide and 10 acres long.[ An acre is about 208 ft square]
An article in the latest Ottawa Genealogist, July - Sept 2017 pg 73 - pg 88
Listed are the settlers on most of the lots. eg on page  75 Row 1 lists
the settlers on lot 1 of each street. Each block of the town has 2 lots
in the east/west direction and three lots deep. I hope this is not too
confusing.  More later Jim St.