Thursday, June 18, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

18 June 2015
To-day is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo
in which Napoleon was defeated by Wellington.
Next are some of the future events of Napoleon's life;
22 June 1815  Napoleon abdicated.
16 Oct 1815  Napoleon arrives at St Helena
5 May 1821  Napoleon dies.
15 Dec 1840 Napoleon's remains are returned to France
                      and re-interred at Les Invalides
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Following the war of 1812 in present day Ontario
Settlement begins in the Rideau Military Settlements
1. Perth Military Settlement 1815/1816
     There is a book by Ron W. Shaw entitled 'First We Were
      Soldiers: The long march to Perth' and also available as
       a download to an e-reader
      Ref: LCGS newsletter dated April 2015, page 8&9
2. Richmond Military Settlement  Fall of 1818
    A committee has been raised in Goulbourn Twp to organize
     a 200th Anniversary. Tentative date is 15-17 June 2018.
     Stay tuned. 
3. Lanark Military Settlement 1820
    No info available

Monday, June 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers

15 June 2015
War of 1812
15 Jun 1815 Napoleon and Armee de Nord enter Belgium
16 Jun 1815 Napoleon defeats blucher at Ligny
16-17 Jun 1815 Wellington delays Ney at Quatre Bas
18 Jun 1815 Wellington & Blucher defeat Napoleon at
22 Jun 1815 Napoleon abdicates  [would be sent to St Helena
                     where he died 5 May 1821 at the age of 51]

Goulbourn Settlers
Letter G
Gales, Robert settled Con.6, Lot 4E, 24 Oct 1821
                       born Co. Leitrum, Sergt.
Gibson, John settled Con. 7, Lot 14W, 24 Oct 1821
                      Born Yougal, Co Cork Musican, Pte
Gibson, Robert settled Con. 3,  Lot12E  24 Oct 1821
                     born Co Derry Pte
Gormley, Hugh settled Con. 3, Lot 14E   TBD
                 Donegal Militia. Sgt  14 Feb 1818
Green, James settled Con. 6, Lot 11W  24 Oct 1821
                born Quebec 1795
Green, Robert settled Con. 3, Lot 13W  24 Oct 1821
                born Montreal 1793
Green, Thomas settled Con. 3, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
                 born Quebec 1797
Guile, Thomas settled Con. 12, Lot 23E  5 Jun 1822
                 37th Reg't Pte
18 May 1915 Canadians launch initial attacks  at
                       Festubert, Fr.
15 Jun 1915 1st Canadian Brigade supports attack by
                    British 7th Div. and 51st Highland  Div.
                    near Givenchy, Fr. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers

2 June 2015

18 May 1915. Canadians launch initial attacks on Festubert, Fr
25 May 1915. 2nd Can. Div. is founded in Canada under
                        Maj/Gen Sam Steele
31 May 1915. After leaving the trenches of Festubert, the
                       Canadians assigned to Givenchy sector
Apr- May 1915. 2nd Battle of Ypres. Poison Gas is used
                        against the Allies. Death toll rises.

War of 1812
First Rideau Military settlement begins at Perth during 1815

Battle of Waterloo Sunday 18 June 1815