Monday, February 23, 2015

War of 1812

23 Feb 1815
Booklet - Col. Christopher Myers  1774 - 1817
This booklet has been published by Archives Lanark
  by Michael J. Jaques  ISBN 978-0-9811929-6-3
Available P.O. Box 512, Perth, ON. K7H 3K4    $10.00 + postage
"In 2008, volunteers at Archives Lanark discovered that  the
block containing the historic courthouse in the town of Perth
was once known as Mount Myers. Was named after
Col. Christopher Myers, Deputy Quarter-Master-General
for the Canada's.
This book is the result of subsequent research and covers
the life and immediate family of Col. Chris. Myers and after
his death, events within his family"

26 Feb 1815
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba for Paris

18 Feb, 1915
German U-boat blockade of Britain begins
19 Feb 1915
Allies commence naval attack on the Dardanelles
20 Feb 1915
Australian and NZ troops ordered to the Dardanelles

26 Feb.1915
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers, 100th Regiment

15 Feb 2015
Settlers with Surname B

Barry, Jonas  Settled Con. 10 Lot 14 W, 24 Oct 1822
                        Royal Sappers and Miners.
Barr, David   Settled Con. 4, Lot 14 E, 22 Apr 1822
                       99th Reg't  Born Co. Derry c.1794
Barton, John  Settled Con. 8, Lot 15 E, 5 Jun 1822
                        37th Reg't
Beaman, James  Settled Con. 2, Lot 2 E, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't.  Born Co. Down c. 1799
Boyle, Charles  Settled Con. 1, Lot 5 W, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't
Boyle, Robert  Settled Con. 3, Lot 15 E, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't  Born Co. Down c 1789
Bradley, Edward Sands  Settled Con. 4, Lot 24 N 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't Ensign [note he died shortly after settling]
Brady, John  Settled Con. 5, Lot 10 W 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg,t Born Co. Cavan c 1784
Brady, Michael Settled Con. 6, Lot 14 W, 24 Oct 1821
                        99th Reg't
Brown, Thomas Settled Con. 5, Lot 4 E, 24 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't Born Co. Derry c 1796
Brownlee, Joseph Settled Con. 7, Lot 18 W 21 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't Born Co. Cavan, c1798
Brownlee, Nathaniel Settled Con. 7, Lot 17 E, 21 Oct 1821
                       99th Reg't. Sgt
Bruce, John Settled Con. 6, Lot 16 W, 5 Jun 1822
                       37th Reg't
Bulbeck, Henry Settled Con. 2, Lot 6 W, 5 Jun 1822
                        8th Reg't
Burns, Andrew  Settled Con. 2, Lot 13 W, 24 Oct. 1821
                       99th Reg,t Born Co. Tyrone c1796
Butler, James Settled Con. 5, Lot 6 E, 24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't. Born Co. Clare c 1792
Byers, Hugh Settled Con. 3, Lot 16 W, 24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't Born Co. Sligo c 1799
Byrns, Jeremiah Settled Con. 9, Lot 21 W 24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't Born Co. Wicklow c 1791
Above is a listing of settlers from the military who settled in Goulbourn
starting in the fall of 1818. Some/a lot of them left early on. Those who stayed will be listed starting in early 2017

Monday, February 9, 2015


7 Feb 1915
1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades of 1st Division prepare to depart
from England for France

9-11 Feb 1915
1st Canadian Div. crosses from England to France. Bad weather
makes for a long and nasty crossing. The 4th Brigade remains
in England as a training reinforcement unit.

War of 1812
Maj. General John Lambert, now British Army Commander, landed troops on Dauphin Island and prepares to lay siege to Ft. Bower, which guards the entrance to Mobile, Alabama. On St. Valentines day, 14 Feb 1815, a British
ship arrives with news of the signing of the peace treaty. [Ghent]. It still
has the be ratified by the Americans [Ref. 'And All Their Glory Past' by
Donald E. Graves  page 323/24]
In the above book, to pg 331, Col Murray and the Marquis of Tweeddale are mentioned, both who were with the 100th Regiment.
In late April 1815 it was learned that Napoleon had escaped from Elba and
returned to France and proclaimed himself emperor