Monday, February 23, 2015

War of 1812

23 Feb 1815
Booklet - Col. Christopher Myers  1774 - 1817
This booklet has been published by Archives Lanark
  by Michael J. Jaques  ISBN 978-0-9811929-6-3
Available P.O. Box 512, Perth, ON. K7H 3K4    $10.00 + postage
"In 2008, volunteers at Archives Lanark discovered that  the
block containing the historic courthouse in the town of Perth
was once known as Mount Myers. Was named after
Col. Christopher Myers, Deputy Quarter-Master-General
for the Canada's.
This book is the result of subsequent research and covers
the life and immediate family of Col. Chris. Myers and after
his death, events within his family"

26 Feb 1815
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba for Paris

18 Feb, 1915
German U-boat blockade of Britain begins
19 Feb 1915
Allies commence naval attack on the Dardanelles
20 Feb 1915
Australian and NZ troops ordered to the Dardanelles

26 Feb.1915
Napoleon escapes/leaves Elba.

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