Monday, February 9, 2015


7 Feb 1915
1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades of 1st Division prepare to depart
from England for France

9-11 Feb 1915
1st Canadian Div. crosses from England to France. Bad weather
makes for a long and nasty crossing. The 4th Brigade remains
in England as a training reinforcement unit.

War of 1812
Maj. General John Lambert, now British Army Commander, landed troops on Dauphin Island and prepares to lay siege to Ft. Bower, which guards the entrance to Mobile, Alabama. On St. Valentines day, 14 Feb 1815, a British
ship arrives with news of the signing of the peace treaty. [Ghent]. It still
has the be ratified by the Americans [Ref. 'And All Their Glory Past' by
Donald E. Graves  page 323/24]
In the above book, to pg 331, Col Murray and the Marquis of Tweeddale are mentioned, both who were with the 100th Regiment.
In late April 1815 it was learned that Napoleon had escaped from Elba and
returned to France and proclaimed himself emperor

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