Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Builders of Rideau Canal/ Bytown

Abbott, Francis Sr. and Jr, also Lived in Goulbourn; Acheson, David;Adam, William, 15th Company Royal Sappers and Miners [RS&M]; Adams, Robert; Adams, Sgt.;Adamson, John, Sgt. Glengarry Light Inf.; Adamson, James; Addison, William, Sgt. 7th Coy, RS&M and 1st Lockmaster Entrance Locks, Bytown; Agnew, James, School teacher; Alexander Thomas and William; Allan, Robert; Allen, Joseph, Patrick,Robert and William; Alton Bindin B.; Amyot, John;
Ammond, Baptiste; Anderson, Alexander, James and John; Andrew, Haslet and James; Andrews, Charlotte, Ira Honeywell's wife [1811] and early school teacher; Anhobus, Joseph

Walking Around Canada

To-day I reached Prince Rupert, BC after an overnite Ferry ride from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Distance from St. John's Nfld is 7742K's. Next stop Terrace, BC, 147K's [See log of complete trip dated 28 Nov 2008, first entry]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Walking Goulbourn Twp Concessions

This post contains Military Settlers whose surname starts with Letter "C".
[99th Reg. unless noted].
Caffery John, Campbell Patrick, Cardell Partick, Cassidy Michael, Cavanaugh Peter, Chapman John [Drummer], Chapman Richard, Clarke Thomas, Clohecy Robert [RS&M] Clooney John [Drummer], Coffee John, Cole Ezekial [37th Reg.] Collis Richard [6th Reg. Ass. Surgeon], Cooke William [37th Reg], Cosgrove Edward, Cox Thomas [Sgt], Coyle Michael [Sgt], Crozier John, Cullin John.