Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ottawa at 200 years and on

30 August 2018
Ref;  Carleton Saga page 53 - 55
  By this date 200 yrs ago [1818] the party of settlers had arrived at Richmond Landing
and set up tents etc.while the men started clearing a road thru the bush to their new
home at Richmond/Goulbourn which was about 20 miles away. This crew no doubt
included some of the settlers and also employees of Philemon Wright.
  I have mentioned this before but back in this blog I have listed 181 soldiers
in alpha order for the year 2015 and a number of Civilian settlers , also in alpha
order starting in Jam 2016 and ending in Feb 2017. Total military/civilian
settlers, by my count, is 454 settlers.
  Presently in the works, I have created a map of Goulbourn Twp, containing
12 concessions and an average of 30- 200 Acre lots per concession which contains
the name of the settler who obtained the patent for his lot about 1821/22
   The Goulbourn Museum has created a beautiful map of Goulbourn Twp which lists
the settlers from Beldon's Atlas of 1879. It is on the wall at the Museum.
FYI the Richmond Fair is being held in the Fair grounds at Richmond
14 to 16 Sept. The Goulbourn Historical Society and the Museum will be there,
in the Arena

In the near future, 11 Nov. is the end of WW1 and
  24 May 2019 is a 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria

Longer time ahead is the building of the Rideau Canal 1826-1832

Jim Stanzell

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