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Ottawa at 200 years and on

23 Aug 2018

Richmond Settlers arrive at present day Le Breton Flats and in 1818 soon to be called
Richmond Landing. They arrived about 23 Aug 1818.
Ref 1; Carleton Saga by Harry an Olive Walker
           page 52, #5 Heart break Journey
           When the settlers arrived at what was then called Bellows Landing they
           found 4 squatters there.
        1. Caleb Bellows, who was from Vermont and kept a store there.
        2. Jehiel Collins who was a clerk in Bellows store.
        3. Andrew Berry
        4. Isaac Firth
    On page 53 of above Ref, there is a picture of Soldiers/Settlers building a log house
     and following is a few pages of early settlers and their activities. Will list these settlers
     in my next post.
Ref 2; Ottawa Past and Present  (1927 by AHD Ross)
      Page 24, settlers 1 and 2, above, mentioned
      Page 28, settlers 3 and 4 mentioned
      Page 33, Lots of info on the Richmond Military Settlement

100th/99th Regiments
    I think this should be mentioned. In February 1816 it was decided to form a
     Rifle Brigade. The 95th Reg't. of Foot was removed from the Reg'ts. of the line along
     with the 5th Batt'n of the 60th Reg't to form the Rifle Brigade. All Regiments above
      the 95th rolled down a number so 96th became the new 95th and the
      100th became the 99th.. In a few years they were all disbanded

   Jim Stanzell  (My ancestor who settled in Goulbourn was in the 60th Reg't.)

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