Thursday, July 13, 2017

Settlers Present day Ottawa

13 July 2017

Joseph Stanzel [3rd entry]
  "Hearing of Crown lands being available in Canada, upon
certain improvements being made, they decided to come across.
they found a homestead about three miles north east [incorrect]of
Carleton Place Ont. [Actually Goulbourn Twp. Con.9, Lot 3East]
which is about thirty miles southeast of Ottawa, [now the south east
corner of City of Ottawa], and filled out an application on it.
  It takes about three years to improve the land [terms of settlement]
which requires a log house and stable to be built plus clearing and
cultivating fifteen acres of land. This would average five acres a year
as it was heavily timbered. That would be no small undertaking a in
those days with an axe and cross-cut saw. There were no roads, just
trails through the bush to your next door neighbour. No doctors,
hospitals, drug stores, churches or cemeteries, just hard work.
  Potatoes, whole wheat bread, rolled oats and wildlife meat were
the main courses to live on, plus wild honey and maple syrup.
There were no frills in those days and they were husky and
hardy pioneers." Next the author lists names of nine children
and are not the correct ones for Joseph's family-
Joseph, Frederick, Steven, Herbert, Ephriam, Arthur, Sarah,
Alma and Hazel. The mother Sarah died about 1830 and is buried
on the farm. I suspect that there were more than a few persons
buried there but I have not investigated.
Next entry I will list the children, spouses and dates of
Joseph and Sarah    my email is
Thought I should mention it.
Jim Stanzell

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