Friday, February 10, 2017

Goulbourn Settlers

10 Feb 2017

Surname Y
Young[e], Thomas  Con. 7, Lot 19W  20 May 1824
   CCCBk #5; UCLB Vol.5, page 314
Young, Ann  Con. 10, Lot 11E  13 Jun 1833
Young, Robert  Con 11, Lot 30E  24 Oct 1821
Younge, Robert Jr.
   CCCBk# 42, 43, 83++; UCLB Vol.5, pg 314
    MUC page 11

Surname Z
   Nil names

This completes the Civilians list as well as the Military
Settlers in Goulbourn.
Soldiers/Settlers in above lists
   181 +   273       = 454 and their families.
In 'Carleton Saga' by Olive and Harry Walker on
page 68 " At the end of Military Control 24 Dec 1822
the number of Settlers in the Richmond Military Settlement;
Soldiers and their families       712 persons
Emigrants and their families  1722 persons
Total of 2434 persons, more people in Richmond than
anytime since"  This book first published in Dec. 1968.

In the Goulbourn Twp. Historical Soc. Library located
in Stittsville Public Library, Historical Section, they have
historical files on 218 Families, as at 8 Apr 2015.
Also in Ottawa City Archives, Woodroffe at Tallman,
in Library of Ottawa Br, Ontario Genealogical Soc.
there is a large amount of data/info to aid the researcher.
I will be using data from the latter in future posts.
The next will be from Volume V of CCCBks, 1844-47,
Carleton County Copy Books and listing those
settlers who sold their property. I indexed this book a
few years ago and a copy of the surnames in Alpha
order is on the Ottawa Br. computer.

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