Thursday, January 8, 2015

War of 1812

8 Jan 1815

Battle of Orleans  200th Anniversary
Ref; And all their Glory Past  by Donald E. Graves
M/General Pakenham, who is a brother-in-law of Wellington,
attacked, with just under 7,000 troops, against Jackson who
had 4,400 well entrenched troops. Pakenham did everything
wrong and when the battle was over he and another General were killed
as well as 1939 officers and men on the British side.
Jackson lost 45 soldiers killed or wounded.

New commander of Br. Forces was M/Gen. Lambert

Signed copy of Treaty of Ghent arrived at New York on 11 Feb 1815

In early 1915 the PPCLI are in the line at St. Eloi, having left England
on 21 Dec 1914 and endured a 'rough' trip.

In WW1 Canada's population was about 8 Million persons

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