Saturday, August 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

15 Aug 2015

20 Aug 1915
Newfoundland Reg't embarks from Aldershot, England, for the
Eastern Mediterranean, destined to fight the Turks at Gallipoli.
  There is an article in the Ottawa Citizen dated Sat. 8 Aug. 2015
page C3 re the Gallipoli Campaign " In 1915, the Allies planned a
British led expedition to seize the Gallipoli Peninsula.........
Instead, Gallipoli became a disastrous setback for the Allies"
13 March 1915. Field Marshal Lord Kitchener gives order to invade.

22 Nov. 1915 Kitchener visits the battlefield and agrees to evacuate.
2-9 Jan. 1916 Final evacuation of Cape Helles..

Early Settlers Goulbourn
Surname J
Jones, James  Con. 6, Lot 8W  24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't  b. Co. Kildare
Jones, Thomas  Con. 8, Lot 28E  2 Apr 1828
                      99th Reg't  b. Devenish, Co. Fermanagh
Joynt, Galbraith J.  Con. 5, Lots 26,27W  24 Oct 1821
                     103rd Reg't, Captain
Junkin,Dean  Con. 5, Lot 10E  24 Oct 1821
                      99th Reg't  b. Abbeyville, Co Fermanagh

Surname K
Kean. William  Con. 2, Lot 9E  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't b. Co. Carlow
Keilty, John  Con. 2, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Kerrison, Simon  Con. 6, Lot 17E  24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Norfolk, Eng.
Kitt, Charles  Con. 9, Lot 18E   24 Oct 1821
                     99th Reg't  b. Dublin

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