Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Goulbourn Settlers 100th Reg't Surname 'D'

15 April 2015

With this post I will add surnames on 15th of the month and other data dealing with the War of 1812 and WW1  on the 1st of the month or

Dempsey, Sylvester settled Con. 1, Lot 25 W 24 Oct. 1821
                  99th Reg't, Sgt. Major. b. Co. Queens, Ire.
Dennison, John settled unknown see below
                  99th Reg't Pte. b Co. Wexford
                  ( Info states he froze to death while travelling home
                     during the first winter at Richmond)
Denver, Patrick settled Con. 8, Lot 6E 4 Feb 1824
                  99th Reg't  Pte. b. Co Down
Devaney, Patrick settled Con. 6, Lot 15E 5 Jun 1822
                  37th Reg't Pte.  b. ?
Devon, James settled Con. 4, Lot 16W 24 Oct 1821
                   99th Reg't Pte b. Co. Tyrone
Donahoo, Martin settled Con. 4, lot 13W 26 Mar 1824
                    Royal Artillery Driver  b. ?
Douras, James settled Con. 4, Lot 11W 24 Oct 1821
                   99th Reg't Pte b. co. Down
Dunbar, John settled Con. 7, Lot 4W
                    99th Reg't Sgt b. Co. Down 1782
Dunlop, James settled Con. 10, lot 12E 24 Oct 1821
                    Royal Sappers and Miners, b. ?
Dwyer, John settled Con. 3, Lot 6W 24 Oct 1821
                    99th Reg't b. Co. Carlow

Next month 15 May 2015 will enter surnames E and F

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