Wednesday, April 1, 2015

War of 1812

15 March 2015
War of 1812
Above website lists Napoleon's lifetime activities
in 186 entries,. Interest here starts about #151
26 Feb 1815 Napoleon leaves Elba
1 Mar 1815 Napoleon lands near Antibes, France
20 Mar 1815 Napoleon arrived in Paris

Goulbourn Settlers, 100th Reg't  Letter 'C'

Caffery, John Settled Con 8, Lot 14W  2 Apr 1828
               99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan  1787
Campbell, Patrick Settled Con 9, Lot 18W31 May 1828
               99th Reg't  b. Co Leitrim 1872
Cardell, Patrick Settled Con. 10 Lot 18E 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co. Kildare 1787
Cassidy, Michael Settled Con.2, Lot 13E 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. Co Derry 1784
Cavanagh, Peter Settled Con.6, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Co.  Meath 1786
Chapman, John Settled Con. 4, Lot 3W 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. ?? 1797  Drummer
Chapman, Richard Settled Con. 3, Lot 10W 24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't b. Co Cork 1773
Clarke, Thomas Settled Con 2, Lot 2W 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co. Armagh 1791
Clohecy, Robert Settled Con. 10 Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
              Royal Sappers & Miners b. ??
Clooney, John Settled Con. 8, Lot 1E 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Dublin  Drummer
Coffee, John Settled Con. 9, Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't b. Co Fermanagh 1787
Cole, Ezekial Settled Con. 11 Lot 23E 5 Jun 1821
              37th Reg't b, ??
Collins, William Settled Con. 11 Lot 30W 3 Oct 1826
              85th Reg't b. ??
Collis, Christopher Settled Con.2, Lot 24S 24 Oct 1821
              6th Reg't  b. ?? Assistant Surgeon
Cook, William Settled Con. 4, Lot 6E 5 Jun 1822
              37th Reg't b. ??
Cosgrove, Edward Settled Con. 2, Lot 4W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co. Armagh 1789
Cox, Thomas Settled Con. 3, Lot 5E 2 May 1828
             99th Reg't b. Co Fermanagh 1785, Sgt.
Coyle, Michael Settled Con. 8, Lot 20E 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Dublin Sgt.
Crozier, John Settled Con. 7, Lot 22W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co. Tyrone 1787
Cullen, John Settled con. 6, lot 13W 24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't b. Co Derry 1793

3 March 1915
    1st Canadian Division is responsible for a 6 Km
     sector of the front at Fleurbaix France.
10 March 1915
    In support of a British and Indian offensive at
    Neuve Chapelle, France, Canadians
    participate in their first battle
Ref; "Canada and the Great War The Battles"
          A Legion Magazine

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