Monday, November 30, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

30 November 2015

Surname W
Walsh, John #1  settled Con.2, Lot 3E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Walsh, John #2  settled Con. 3, Lot 11W  24 Oct 1821  
         99th Reg't  b. Durnomeen, Co. Momaghan
Walsh, Stafford  settled Con.1, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  . Cloonadar, Co. Leitrim
West, James  settled Con.9, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b.Barton Stoney, Hampshire, Eng.
Whealan, John  settled  Con. 6, Lot 22W  5 Jun 1822
         37th Reg't  b. ??
Whitbourne, Benjamin  settled Con.3, Lot 1E  5 Jun 1822
         37th Reg't  b. ??
Whitemarsh, Herbert settled Con. 5, Lots 24W & 25All  24 Oct 1821
         Commissary Dep't  b. ??
Wilson, Andrew  settled Con. 9, Lot 30 All
         Royal Navy, Commander  [Lived near Hogs Back Lock station]
Wilson, Hugh  settled Con. 5, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
Withers, John  settled Con. 9, Lot 19W  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't  b. Middlesex, Eng

Surname Y
Yorke, John  settled Con. 6, Lot 11E  5 June 1822
         37th Reg't  b  ??

Surname X and Z  nil each

This completes the list of 181 soldiers who settled in Goulbourn Twp
Starting in Jan 2016 will list the civilian  who settled there. This will
take until the end of 2017 or ??
Note. The actual settlement did not start til the fall of 1818
Also most of the soldiers left the area early and I will attempt to
learn where they went  Keep an eye open for June 2018

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