Sunday, November 1, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

1 Nov 2015

16/17 November 1915
 A large-scale nighttime trench raid by Canadian troops
serves as an example of how future raids should be

Goulbourn Settlement
Surname R.

Rath, Thomas  Con. 1, Lot 1E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't. b. Kilmallock, Co. Wexford.
Reed, Thomas  Con. 8, Lot 11E  24 Oct 1821
         99th Reg't.  b. Co. Monaghan
Reily, Patrick  Con. 8, Lot 6W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Co. Fermannagh
Rettig, Peter  Con. P, Lot 3W, 4W  5 Jun 1822
        60th Reg't  b. Bonn, Nassau [Germany]
Reynolds, Michael  Con. 1, Lot 4E  5 Jun 1822
        99th Reg't  b. Dublin
Rickey, George  Con. 8, Lot 3W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Co. Cavan
Ryan, Edward  Con. 8, Lot 18W  24 Oct 1821
        99th Reg't  b. Dublin

If anyone is keeping count total so far is 150 Soldiers
and by my count 31 to go. Hope to end the
soldier settlers b4 Xmas. 2 years to enter civilians
End of 2017. Actual settlement start fall of 1818

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