Thursday, November 12, 2015

Goulbourn Settlement

12 November 2015

Surname S
Sackley, Stephen  Con. 3, Lot 6E  5 Jun 1822
            37th Reg't  no data known
Schewitzer, Charles  Con. 7&9, Lot 6W  5 Jun 1822
            60th Reg't  b. Waldeck, Germany
                    Surname spelling varies??
Shannon, James  Con. 8, Lot 13W  24 Oct 1821
            99th Reg't  b. Londonderry
Shea, William  Con. 3, Lot 13E  5 Oct 1828
            99th Reg't  Sgt. b. Killarney, Londonderry
                    Family info Ref; G-659 old # system
                    Ottawa Br Lib, Ottawa City Archives
Sheridan, James  Con. Lot 18E  5 Jun 1822
           99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan
Simpson, Joseph  Con. 9, Lot 29All  24 Oct 1821
           104th Reg't  Ensign
Simpson, Thomas  Con. 2, Lot 9W
          99th Reg't. Sgt.
Smith, James  Con. 6, Lot 14E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Co Tyrone
Smith, Michael  Con. 1, Lot 3W  5 Jun 1822
          37th Reg't
Spearman, Andrew  Con. 6, Lot 1W  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  Sgt. b. Sligo, Co. Sligo
Stanzel, Joseph  Con. 9, Lot 3E  5 Jun 1822
          60th Reg't  b. TBD
Sullivan, Patrick  Con. 7, Lot 4E  24 Oct 1821
          99th Reg't  b. Co Cavan
Sykes, John  Con. 8, Lot 2W  4 Feb 1824
          99th Reg't  b Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng.

16,17 Nov. 1918
 A large scale nighttime trench raid by Canadian
troops serves as an example of how future raids
should be conducted.

 Estimate two more entries [about 22 Nov and
2 Dec to complete soldier entries]

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