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Goulbourn Settlement

15 July 2013
Settlers surname H and I
Hagarty, Thomas settled Con. 3, Lot 8E  24 Oct 1821
                99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Hamrock, Henry settled Con. 9, Lot 4E  5 June 1822
                60th Reg't
Harkins John Jr. settled Con. 5, Lot 7E 24 Oct. 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Maghera, Co. Londonderry
Harkins John Sr. settled Con. 5, Lot 7W  24 Oct 1821
               99th Reg't  b. Co Derry
Harrison, David  settled Con. 1, Lot 23E  24 Oct 1821
              Royal Wagon Train, b. Bedford, Yorkshire Co. Eng.
Hayes, Henry  settled Con. 4, Lot 14W  24 Oct 1821
              99th Reg't   b. Co. Tipperary
Hayes, Hiram  settled Con. 4, Lot 13E  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't
Hicks, John  settled Con. 7, lot 16E  7 Apr 1824
             37th Reg't
Hill, Andrew settles Con. 1, Lot 22W  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't Sgt. b. Killishee Co. Fermanagh
Hughes, Simon  settled Con. 8, Lot 22W  24 Oct 1821
             99th Reg't  Pte.  b. Co. Meath
Hughes, William settled Con. 8, lot 24E  24 Oct 1821
            99th Reg't Pte. b. Fynan, Co, Armagh

Surname.  I

From flyer Legion Magazine Diary
'Canada and the Great War- The Battles'.
14 July 1915
'First aircraft built on a Canadian production line
   has its maiden flight in Toronto'
I should know this having served about 30 yrs in the
RCAF but I don't. But I do know the A/C it is not??
A real life copy of this A/C is probably in the museum
at old RCAF Stn Rockcliffe. [Aviation Museum]

I will in a short time copy an article from a Richmond
Newspaper dealing with the surveying of Goulbourn Twp.

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