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Goulbourn Settlers 100th Reg't

15 May 2015
7 May 1915
RMS Lusitania is torpedoed south of Ireland and
approximately 1195 passengers are killed.
25May 1915
Second Canadian Division is formed and embarks
for France in Sept and joins the 1st Canadian Division
forming the Canadian Corps. [more to be added 1 Jun]

War of 1812
Napoleon 1769-1821 in France at the middle of the
Hundred Days 20 March to 8 July 1815.
Preparing to meet his Waterloo??

Goulbourn Settlers
Surname E
Eady, Robert settled Con. 7, Lot 13W 5 June 1822
          37th Reg't
Ellison, John settled Con. 4, Lot 6W 30 Apr 1824
          104th Reg't
Eynouf, Stephen  dc 1828 School teacher and his widow
              Ann Eynouf marr. my gggrandfather
              Joseph Stanzel
Surname F
Fallahee, John settled Con.1, Lot 6W 21 Oct 1821
                99th Reg't
Fallon, James settled Perth St. Lot 18 27 Jan 1834?
             99th Reg't  Quarter Master
             b. Roscommon, Ire
Fenner, Benjamin settled Con. 6, Lot 6E 5 Jun 1822
             68th Reg't
Ferris,  James settled Con.10, lot 13 W 24 Oct 1821
             Royal Sappers and Miners
Ferry, William settled Con. 8, Lot 4W 24 Apr 1822
            Royal Artillery Driver
Fleming, George settled Con. 4, Lot 15E 24 Oct 1821
           99th Reg't
           b. Co. Antrim
Forsyth, Adam settled Con.7, Lot 5E 24 Oct 1821
           99th Reg't Sgt.
Foye, Roger settled Con. 10, lot 24W 24 Oct 1821
Fraser, Hugh settled Con. 8, Lot 30 ?
             Royal Marine Artillery? Sgt
Note;   In Feb 1816 the 100th Reg.t was renumbered
            the 99th Reg't due to the fact that the 95th Reg't
            was removed from the Reg'ts of the line and
           formed the Rifle Brigade with the 5th Battalion
           of the 60th Reg't [The Reg'ts above the 95th
           dropped down one number]. This fact is not
           adopted locally as they were all disbanded
           in a few years

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