Monday, July 28, 2014

War of 1812

28 July 2014

Ref; Where Right and Glory Lead.   Battle of Lundy's Lane
  This battle was mainly fought after sunset on 25 July 1814

Chapter 12, page 195    The Cost and the Accounting
 Casualties compiled by Drummond, 26 Jul 1814
  84 Officers and men killed
  559 wounded
  193 missing and 42 taken prisoner

Report 5 August   1st, 8th and 89 regiments
  510 Officers and Men Killed, Prisoners and Missing
   Ends on page 196

American Casualty figures mostly on page 197

NOTE;  The 100th Regiment did not participate in this battle.

"Perhaps the best assessment of Lundy's Lane and one that applies
  equally to the men of both armies, was Brown's [Major General
  Jacob Jennings, U.S. Army] statement that 'the battle of the 25th,
  it is believed, will find but few parallels. More desperate fighting
  has rarely been known. I  hope the nation [US] will be satisfied
  by our conduct - we have endeavoured to do our duty' "
The above quote is from page 210, the end of the chapter

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