Thursday, July 17, 2014

War of 1812 [Battle of Chippawa]

17 July 2014
The book "Red Coats & Grey Jackets" describes the battle in great detail.
ISBN 1-55002-210-5   1994   Battle fought 5 July 1814
Not only that but lists the number of soldiers who participated from
both sides, their cannon etc. as well as fatalities. the book contains 210
pages. Also included are pictures of some soldiers and other items
of interest, the number of which I do not believe are in any other book.
The US Army is referred to as the Left Division and
The British Army and allies are refered to as the Right Division.
Appendix E lists the British Regulars, by Regiment, the Canadian
Militia and Native Warriors Killed at Chippawa
[There are 27 soldiers from 100th Reg't listed]
Those killed in battle are buried on the battlefield

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