Friday, July 25, 2014

War of 1812

25 July 1814  Battle of Lundy's Lane
Ref;  'Where Right and Glory Lead'  by Donald E. Graves
'is the story on one of the most hard-fought military actions
in North American history. On a summer evening in July 1814,
within sight of Niagara Falls, 5,000 American, British and
Canadian soldiers struggled desperately in a close-range
battle that raged on into the dark. By morning more than a third
had become casualties. The two armies had fought to the point of
exhaustion, and who won has long been a matter of dispute.
   Lundy's Lane was the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812
and the bloodiest fought on what is now Canadian soil. It was the
high mark of the 1814 Niagara campaign, which was the longest
campaign of the war and the last time that Canada suffered a
major foreign invasion.
   In his analysis of this still-controversial battle. the author
narrates the background and events in precise detail while
providing a thorough examination of the weaponry, tactics
and personalities of the opposing armies. The result is possibly
the most thorough analysis of a musket-period action to appear in print
and will appeal to those interested in the War of 1812, Napoleonic
warfare - and the face of combat.' [Quoted from outside back cover]
This book details a play by play account of the Battle of Lundy's Lane
and I recommend  this as a must read, re War of 1812
The Battle is covered from page 107 to 194
Aftermath page 195 to 256 which deals with the rest of the war.
Appendices start on page 257- Order of Battle and Strength, both Armies
Also deals with the remainder of the war and the fates of some of the men

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