Monday, July 21, 2014

War of 1812

21 July 2014
Ref;  'Where Right and Glory Lead',  by Donald E. Graves.

This book is specific to Lundy's Lane Battle 25 July 1814 and I have listed
references to the 100th Regiment. They did not participate in this battle
p. 59 March 1814, 100th replaces 8th Reg't at Ft. Niagara
p. 62 100th is one of five Veteran Battalions
p 68 George Hay, LtCol is a 27 year old wounded Veteran with 10 years
        service with the Duke of Wellington. Also called the Marquis of Tweedle
p 77-79 Battle of Chippawa  5 July 1814
p 82 100th, Light Co.[and 1st] turned back the Americans
p 84 100th  [and 1st and 8th] move towards American Camp
p 85  100th beside the Niagara river, next to the 1st
p 86 100th and 1st [900 men] advance towards Scotts brigade
p 88 100th, of 14 Officers only 3 remain unwounded
p 89 Lists injuries to 100th Officers and 1st and100th withdrew
p 90 100th   204 casualties.  Lt. Lyons soldiers 29 of 35 WIA or KIA
         Riall's soldiers 456 casualties or 25%
p 93 100th marches back to a position near Niagara falls on 7 July
p 98  On 13 July 100th and 41st left in Forts

Battle of Lundy's Lane took place on 25 July 1814
  and the 100th did not participate due to the number of
  casualties at Chippawa

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