Friday, November 2, 2012

War of 1812

Following on from my post of 2 Aug 2012 re military activities in the Canada's

Ref; Jon Latimer's 1812  - War with America on page 122
Being sent
A detachment of the Royal Artillery Corp
A detachment of Royal Artillery Drivers
A detachment of Royal Sappers and Miners [Some of the above would settle in Goulbourn Twp.
13th Regiment of Foot [1st Summersetshire??]
41st/ 2nd Batt'n  [445 Men in Bermuda]
70th Reg't [Glasgow Lowland]
98th Regiment
Swiss mercenaries DeMeuron and DeWatteville [1300 men in Spain]

104th Regiment would march to UC  from Fredericton, NB. in Feb/Mar 1813 More later

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