Sunday, November 18, 2012

War of 1812

Five months on

Walking with Joseph
12 Nov 1812 Napoleon's Army at Smolensk on return Home.
19 Nov 1812 Wellington falls back to Portugese border
26-28 Nov 1812 Battle of Beresina [River], a rearguard action

Walking with Andrew
23 Oct 1812 Americans raid garrison at St. Regis, LC
9 Nov 1812  Escape of Corvette Royal George
10 Nov 1812 Commodore Chauncey attacks Kingston and withdraws after a 2 hour gunfire exchange
17 Nov 1812 Fort Erie bombards American Army Headquarters at Black Rock, N.Y.
20 Nov 1812 Advance guard of American invasion force crosses into Canada at Lacolle Mills, LC
                      Major Charles-Michel de Salaberry sets off to atttack the Americans.
                      Americans under Col. Zebulon Pike withdraw to Champlain, N.Y.
21 Nov 1812 Fort George and Fort Niagara bombard each other.
23 Nov 1812 Combined  force of British regulars, Canadian militia and natives attacks
                     American militia post near French Mills, N.Y. on the St Lawrence              

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