Thursday, October 18, 2012

War of 1812

Four months on

Walking with Joseph
19 October 1812  Napoleon evacuates Moscow
   The Army now consisted of 87,500 infantry, 14,750 cavalry, 533 guns with a train of some 40,000
    carriages and waggons. Ref;  Nigel Nicolson's 'Napoleon 1812'

Walking with Andrew
21 September 1812  Forsythe raids Gananoque, seizes stores and burns Gov't. Depot.
  4 October 1812.  British troops drive off American Garrison at Ogdensburg.
  9 October 1812. HMS Caledonia and Detroit captured off Ft. Erie.
13 October 1812. Battle of Queenston Heights. Brock KIA.
                             Sheaffe counter attacks and wins the day. Many American Soldiers captured
14 October 1812. Sheaffe concludes an immediate Armistice  as a result of Brocks death.
16 October 1812  Funeral procession from Government House to Ft. George for Isaac Brock and
                              Lt. Col John Macdonnell. Over 5,000 persons attended.
20 October 1812  Sheaffe replaces Brock as Administrator and Commander of Upper Canada.

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