Friday, October 12, 2012

War of 1812

This post will look like a like book review but it is not. Deals with the first major engagement of the war.
Ref; 'A Very Brilliant Affair'  by Robert Malcomson. The Battle of Queenston Heights,
 October 1812

Part One.   War is declared, 1812
                   Preparations for War in Washington and Quebec
Part Two. The Summer Campaign  June to  October 1812
                   Activities leading up to and the Battle itself, 13 October 1812
        Epilogue; "May its effects not be lost upon the rising generation"
        Glossary of Terms. A good source of the meaning of terms and phrases used in 1812 Military.

       Appendix A. The last words of Isaac Brock
       Appendix B. Brock's Monument and Queenston Heights to-day.
       Appendix C. thru F. American data  [similar to Appendix G-J below]
       Appendix G. British Army Personnel involved at Queenston Heights
       Appendix H. Upper Canada Militia Personnel involved at Queenston heights
       Appendix I. Brock's Army on the Niagara Frontier, October 1812
       Appendix J. British Order of Battle, 13 October 1812
                        Above 4 Appendix G-J contains lists of soldiers by Regiment and Militia Units   
                        and  contained in 13 pages. A good source of genealogical info if one has possible
                        ancestors in this area. British Regiments mentioned are the 41st, 49th and Artillery

Tomorrow 13 Oct 2012 there will be a re-enactment of the battle of Queenston Heights and Sunday 14 Oct there will be a re-enactment of Brock's Funeral and Burial

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I shot an HD video of the activities on October 13th at Queenston Heights. You are welcome to share it from:

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