Thursday, August 18, 2016


18 Aug 2016

27 Aug 1906  Canadian Corps moves south to the Somme.
   Sept 1916  Canadian troops move from near Ypres to the
    Somme battlefield
    Ref:  Legion magazine 8 page bilingual fold out entitled
            "Blood in the Mud"
              The Battle of the Somme started 1 July 1916.
               Timeline on this sheet lists 5 events from the
                1500's thru 1907 with the next entry,
                4 Aug 1914, "Britain declared war on Germany
                meaning Newfoundland was also at war"

Early Settlement present day Ottawa Area. 1816+
  Ref: First we were Soldiers- The Long March to Perth
          Author is Ron W. Shaw
     This book details many aspects of Army life.
      Contains much info and well worth a read if interested
      in the early days of the British Army, 1800-1850 and
      early life in Canada in the Perth, 1816; Richmond, 1818
      and Lanark, 1820 Military Settlements.
      Will comment further on this book at a latter date.

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